Feel It All Challenge Begins!
It's finally time: we are posting your FIA Challenge submissions! Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and we hope you'll enjoy the stories!

Stories will be posted anonymously by the THF Challenges account throughout the week. Once every story has been posted, we will open a poll for members to vote in, and the winner will have their story featured! Authors will be revealed after the poll closes.

To read the stories, just look out for this banner, or click here!

- Ghostie on 09/14/15 09:05 am
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Feel It All Challenge: 3 Weeks Left!
Hey friends! Just a reminder that our Feel It All Challenge ends in three weeks, on September 13th! Please have your stories submitted by that date, and as ever if you have any questions or need any help please reach out to the staff so we can assist! You can find all the rules here. We've been blown away by all the interest in this challenge and we can't wait to share your stories!

p.s. Hope you guys are enjoying the tour!

- Ghostie on 08/23/15 01:30 pm
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Feel It All Challenge

Members have been asking for this for a long time, and it is finally here: a new challenge from THF! And what better time to start than right in time for the second leg of the Feel It All tour? The theme for this one is simple:

Write a story based around 4 randomly paired phrases. Half of them will be taken from Kings of Suburbia lyrics, and half will be normal everyday items or ideas. For example, you might get a set like this:

hurts like love/into the daylight/blue lake/long wait

We are hoping to inspire writers to write from the themes of the album and transform them into something new. If you would like to enter, please read the details here!

We are so excited to see what you come up with and hope you all are excited too! Stories will start to be posted on September 13th, and voting for the top 3 stories will be held once they are all up. Get to it!

- ghostie on 07/19/15 10:26 am
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THF Milestone!
 photo 50k1 s kopiera.jpg

Hello Aliens!

Today we've reached an incredible milestone for Tokio Hotel Fiction. As of this morning, we have 50,000 members!

On behalf of the entire staff, I want to thank YOU for being here. Thank you for supporting the site, for sharing your time, energy and creativity! And thank you for continuing to support, in our own crazy way, this amazing group of goofy, incredibly talented men from Germany that we love. May they, and THF, be around for a long, long time to come!

- Steinsgrrl on 03/13/15 08:34 am
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Frohe Weihnachten!
And Merry Christmas, too, from all the staff! We're so happy you're here with us. If you haven't seen it, the guys have a holiday greeting for us!

We hope your holidays are peaceful and full of love. ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 12/24/14 03:34 pm
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Guten Tag, Aliens!

As you may have noticed, we've been going through some changes here on THF.

First, we're saying goodbye to Fyredancer on the staff. She's been a wonderful, supportive Admin since the site changed hands, but sometimes real life just has to take precedence. Tay, we will miss you so much, but we're super happy that you'll continue to host your TH fanfic on THF. Please leave some love for Fyredancer in comments!

Next, I'm so happy to announce two new additions to the THF staff! Please welcome Zarlina, who will be joining AshesPashes and MohanRocks in the Mod Squad. Also, a huge welcome to Ghostie, our new Admin. We're so happy to have you both on the staff!

Aliens, don't forget that this site works best when more people participate. Writing, reading, and especially reviewing makes this a place people love to be! Thank you guys so much for being here!

- Steinsgrrl on 11/29/14 02:17 pm
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Exciting New Contest!
What does Tokio Hotel's new album, custom pin sets, and L'uomo Vogue all have in common? They're all available to win if you enter one of TH-Apex's Kings of Suburbia contests over on Livejournal! THF author Ghostie is holding the contests - there are two! You don't even have to have a Livejournal account to enter!

Contest #1 is perfect for all you banner makers and graphics enthusiasts! We ask that you design a Tokio Hotel album - it can be Kings of Suburbia or one you made up entirely! For Contest #2 all we ask is that you tell us why you love Tokio Hotel, and you'll be entered in a raffle!

For full rules, please follow this link. We will be giving away one Kings of Suburbia album, as well as several magazines, CDs, DVDs, and posters! Three fans have a chance to win.

We are accepting entries through September 22nd and prizes can be shipped internationally :)

Please spread the word so everyone can have a chance to enter, and thanks for reading!

- Steinsgrrl on 09/08/14 01:37 pm
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Come hang out with us!
Hello Aliens! Have you recovered from the trailer for the new season of THTV? WE HAVEN'T EITHER! So come talk about it at TH_APEX on LiveJournal!

You'd have to be an LJ member, sign in with twitter or facebook if you want to comment, but that's really easy to do. It's a great community to talk about the guys, updates from their Instragrams, new videos and just general fandom news. Best yet, there's the opportunity to meet more fandom friends!

Why not start HERE at the last post about the new THTV trailer? Check it out and join us! See you there!

- Steinsgrrl on 08/09/14 08:35 pm
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We hope you enjoyed the stories posted for the Your Own Spin Challenge. They have now been listed under their original authors. Check them out here.

Thank you again to the authors who participated! It's wonderful members like you who are helping to keep this site alive while our boys are working to give us new music, and we very much appreciate it.

Don't forget, if you haven't read their stories, you can definitely still read them, and please don't forget to leave them a kind word!

- Steinsgrrl on 06/14/14 09:43 pm
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Hello fic-loving Aliens! Your Own Spin Challenge fics are posted here! Thanks so much to those who shared their stories.

And don't forget, you can still participate. Dive into those stories and leave the authors some love!

- Steinsgrrl on 06/07/14 12:46 pm
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The Your Own Spin Challenge is now ON!
Happy Sunday, Aliens! We hope you're having a fantastic weekend. Thanks for being here!

Just a week ago, we posted about our new challenge, The Your Own Spin Challenge. Prompts were submitted, collected, and compiled. Thank you for those! We got some really great prompts, but we could only choose five. I sent those prompts to the staff with no indicator as to who submitted which prompt, and we all voted. Our final five was the result of that vote.

So here we go! Are we ready to do this thing? Prompts and rules are found HERE! All members are welcome to play. Have fun, and we look forward to your submissions!

- steinsgrrl on 04/06/14 03:31 pm
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The Your Own Spin Challenge!
Hello Aliens!

I promised a happier post and I'm here to deliver.

Ages ago, the extraordinary Gaja emailed me with an idea for a writing challenge, and we think the time is right to get this thing going!

There are an incredible number of stories on THF, and after a while, you notice that some seem to have the same general theme, but are written so differently, they are still very different stories. So here's the idea: We put up 5 different prompts and you write a story for the one you choose.

If you don't write, you can still participate in the creative process. The incredibly creative and prolific writers and readers of THF have the opportunity to email to us the prompts from which we choose the 5 we'll ultimately use. The prompts should be just the idea, not specifying the characters to use, so the actual story could be any combination of characters the writer chooses.

For example (from a previous thfanfic prompt list): Tourbus stages of the 1000 Hotels tour. Everyone is going out to celebrate something but (character A) doesn't fancy it. He/she opts to stay on the bus alone. Not too late into the night, a tipsy (character B) comes stumbling back onto the bus and somehow they end up in (character A)'s bunk together, naked. Cutesy/tipsy (character B) and bewildered (character A) would be fun :) (Thanks to em_rose483 for the prompt!)

Email as many prompts as you'd like to by April 4. We'll pick the 5 prompts to use for the challenge, and we'll post them by April 6. Then you'll have until June 1 to write your story. They can be longer, very involved stories, or they can be as short as 2000 words. It's up to you!

Any questions? Leave us a comment and we'll get you an answer! Otherwise, BRING ON THE PROMPTS!

- steinsgrrl on 03/30/14 05:55 pm
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Before Submitting
Hello THF writers!

First of all, thanks for being here! I know posting, reading and reviewing has slowed down, but TH fans are a tenacious bunch and we're not quitting yet, right? Now we just need to hear a release date from the band and hopefully we'll see an influx of new, excited fans.

Before that happens, though, I think we need a reminder post. We've had a lot of chapters/stories being submitted in which the author has improper paragraph spacing, incorrect dialogue punctuation, incorrect word usage or misspellings.

Please be sure you're reading through our Before Submitting page before you click submit. I'd especially like to direct you to the Dialogue page. We will no longer be validating chapters/stories with no punctuation in the dialogue, as this resource is here and written by our kind founders to help you.

Additionally, story warnings aren't just to help people find the kinds of stories they like to read, but also to warn them away from stories they don't want to or can't read. Some topics, especially when written well and graphically, are very triggering to some readers. Please do NOT spring Major Character Death on unsuspecting readers. No, published books often don't carry MCD warnings, but on this site, we request and require that the warning be added. We appreciate your cooperation!

Lastly, we'd really like to be able to provide more help in these areas, so we're working on putting together a new list of beta readers. That project is being headed up by our mod, AshesPashes. Look for more information coming soon.

Next news post will be fun stuff--anyone up for a new writing challenge? Let us know in the comments!

- Steinsgrrl on 03/26/14 07:36 pm
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Introducing The Short Fic Fest and it's simple rules!
From our dear friend Kseenaa:

There are many wonderful fests in this fandom, large and small, on tumblr and not. But so far, in this fandom, one area has remained untapped in the darkness.

The short fic.

In this fest, there are two levels that an author can write on - and one is harder than the other.

Level, the First: For the novices, the wordy, and the unrestrained, thereís the big one. The 500 worder. You have a whole five hundred words to play around with - to get your adventure down, the porn to climax, and the romance to the gratuitous kiss. And to rescue Gustav, too, if that is your fancy. Sounds like a lot, right? Wait until you get in there - itís a closer fit than you might expect.

Level, the Second: For the old hands, the tough nuts, and the insane ones out there, you can upgrade to level two; the drabble. And this is the old, by the book version of the drabble; 100 words exactly. Not 101. Not 99. No doubling up so you do two in a row to get your story in. One hundred. Right on the nose.

But wait! Before you reach for your writer icons and comments of ďIím in!Ē thereís one tiny little thing we should mention...

Thereís prompts.

Thatís right.

You donít get off so easy, dear writers. HERE is the post where you can drop prompts off - as many as you like, any character too! - and then each writer will pick one per drabble to write for.

Have fun!

- Steinsgrrl on 03/05/14 11:37 pm
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Promoting Tokio Hotel Slash's 2014 Short Fic Fest
Hey everyone, member and moderator of LJ community Tokio Hotel Slash, Kseenaa, has an announcement for you:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...


Weíre offering a March fest for exactly that - short and sweet fic, just like a drabble. And thatís exactly what youíll be writing, if you accept this mission: you can either write a "True Drabble", 100 words exactly, or a Short Fic, 500 words, if thatís more your thing.

Itís open for everybody - old hands at fic writing, people who just write loooooong fics, or those who are new to the whole fic writing business, youíre all welcome! We like everybody. Tumblr peeps, dreamwidth peeps, youíre welcome to join in, too!

The only thing you need is a livejournal account, to post your finished masterpiece, and to perhaps comment. But if the big bad livejournal scares you (we promise to try to make it play nicely) - mail the mod here and weíll figure that shit out for you.

But what to write? Ah, well thereís the beauty of it. Thereíll be a prompt post where you can drop off and pick up prompts to kick start your imagination regarding the boys!

Keep your eyes on the community right HERE and thereíll soon be posts with more info for anyone who would like to join in as a prompter, writer, or a reviewer!

- Fyredancer on 02/27/14 11:27 pm
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Secret Santa 2013 Reveal!
Belated Merry Christmas, everyone! Did you make the naughty list? ;)

Zeph, Mel, and I all hope youíve enjoyed the 2013 Secret Santa fest. Our tremendous thanks to all of you authors, beta readers, banner makers and everyone who supported the fest and read and commented.

Now, you get to see who your Santas were this year.

A Frosty Nightmare by zeph317toho

All the Kisses in the World (Ever) by SnowStormSkies

Designer Original by AshesPashes

Eros Falling by Fyredancer

Just You and Me by Kariin

Make it Feel Like Home by Mohanrocks

Six Months, Twenty-Four Days, Ten Hours and Five Minutes by TragicStateofAffairs

Surrender by knw

The Night that Tom Was Saved by Hexenhasel

To Rekindle by em_rose483

Uncover by the_poltergeist

If you haven't had time yet, we hope you read the stories and leave the authors a comment to let them know you appreciate it!

- Fyredancer on 12/27/13 12:43 am
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Merry Christmas!
And happy holidays, everyone! Today begins the five days of TH-mas: we'll be posting the Secret Santa stories from now until Tuesday, Christmas Eve. So, you can look forward to the lovely selection we have lined up for your reading pleasure. We will have the reveal late Christmas Day. Keep those reviewing fingers ready to reward our participating authors with the gift of your comments! And here's hoping everyone is having a wonderful holiday season no matter what kind you celebrate. TschŁŖ!

- fyredancer on 12/20/13 11:43 pm
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Aliens' Christmas Gifts!
It's our pleasure to direct your attention to our dedicated Alien affiliates over at The Tokio Hotel Official Malaysia Street Team. They are hosting a fun new Christmas event, Aliens' Christmas Gifts!

This is a month-long event for the Aliens, where you can win prizes daily for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Check out the Street Team site for more information, including rules and a list of all the challenges!

- Steinsgrrl on 12/08/13 10:35 pm
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THF on social media
Hallo Leute!

As Aliens patiently await the new album, our fandom thrives in social media. It seems nearly everyone has a twitter, facebook, or tumblr account, and sometimes all three. THF is no exception!

For the latest news about featured fics, challenges, site maintenance, etc., we'd love it if you'd follow us on your favorite site: THF on twitter, THF on Facebook, and THF on tumblr. We hope to see you there!

- steinsgrrl on 12/01/13 10:51 pm
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Secret Santa Time!
Although it seems nearly impossible, that winter holiday time is quickly coming upon us again. And for the FIRST TIME EVER, we're combining forces with the LJ comm th_fanfic for their annual Secret Santa fic exchange! We're very excited and looking forward to getting (and giving) as many fics as possible!

This year, participation in the Secret Santa is open to the wonderful authors on Tokio Hotel Fiction! In order for this collaboration to be successful and to ensure that every member of both THF and th_fanfic can read and enjoy all of the Secret Santa stories, participants must be willing to agree that all stories will be posted anonymously by th_fanfic and THF mods on BOTH SITES on the same day.

When you sign up for the Fest, please provide your THF username, and your LJ-compatible username as well (if you have one) so we can make sure your name is properly credited to your story. Additionally, just as NC17 stories are only accessible to members on THF, NC17 stories on th_fanfic are locked to members. If Fest participants write an NC17 story and would like to read their reviews on thfanfic, they must join the community, which can be done with an LJ account, twitter, Facebook, Google+ or OpenID.

On THF, the stories will be posted as a Challenge, and the author's name will be added the day of the reveal. The story will then appear in the author's profile page along with any other stories they may have posted previously themselves.

The easiest way to sign up for the fest (and make sure you can see any NC-17 entries) is to be a member of th_fanfic. See the joining instructions on the community for the four easy steps to join. If you don't have a Livejournal account, you can become a member using your OpenID from Facebook, Twitter or Google. However, it's not required--this is an optional step to see all your reviews on th_fanfic if you're not already a member. If you have any questions on how to join, please let us know at

Ready to sign up? Head over to th_fanfic to read the rules!

- Fyredancer on 09/29/13 01:16 am
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