New Mod
Everyone please join me in welcoming our new moderator Annie (The_poltergeist). Thanks Annie! Welcome aboard!

- Haylz on 06/11/18 05:41 am
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And The Winner Is....
The world ain't ending, but it might as well be by BrokenMirror


Thanks to everyone who submitted stories, read, reviewed and voted!

Authors, you can now exchange my ugly Christmas banner for your own if you wish XD

Runner up was Silent Night by Gaja who also wrote Shepherd and Winter's Feast.

Wanna fuck? and Dick in a box were written by Skebe-Neko.

Reunited and Everything will be alright were written by The_poltergeist.

All of Us was written by Sturmfrei.

Thank you again everyone!

- Haylz on 01/24/18 01:39 am
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Time To Vote!
Thank you so much to everyone who submitted entries for the challenge, and anyone who posted a holiday fic this year also, our tree ended up with plenty of decorations!

We now need all your help to choose the winner of the challenge, who as you may remember will receive an item of the winner's choosing up to $30 USD from Nobodysart Tokio Hotel page on Redbubble.

Please read through the submitted stories found here and then contact us to let us know your favourite - only one vote per person!

You will have one week from today to submit your vote.

We now have a page for our fic prompt generators where you can find the Holiday Prompt Generator and the new Valentine's Day Prompt Generator - Find them here! - We will also be adding a Halloween themed generator and a general one, so if you have any suggestions for words to go in, please let us know :)

- Haylz on 01/17/18 05:32 am
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Holiday Challenge
We're gearing up for the festive season, and the first thing to announce is a new challenge (finally) which you can find the details of here!

Deadline for getting your stories in to us is Jan 14 2018, and we'd love if you participated. There is a prize for the winner so check it out!

We'll also soon be putting up a Christmassy/Holidays layout, and a tree which you can help decorate, just by writing stories :D More details SOON.

- Haylz on 12/02/17 04:55 pm
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We have now commenced with the Halloween fanfic features, the first is up now and we will continue to feature spooky stories right up to Halloween to get us all in the mood. Let us know if you have any Halloween story suggestions.

We've added all the prompts that were posted on Twitter for Halloween last year here in case someone wants to write something :D

Some new fields have been added to the bio page such as favourite band member, what you like to write and read etc, don't forget to update yours!

Finally, you may have noticed that series are no longer listed on profiles anywhere, this is due to the high likelihood of this feature causing all the crashes we've been having lately. Unfortunately the coding for it isn't the best and I hope to not have to get rid of series altogether, for now you can still create and edit new ones, add stories to series, and access them from the stories themselves. Sorry for the inconvenience but the crashes are just getting way out of hand. Crossing our fingers we've seen the last of them but only time will tell.

UPDATE: For the meantime we have had to disable series, sorry guys! Contact us if you have any queries about this.

- Haylz on 09/26/17 01:48 am
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A Few Changes
Hi everyone, this is just a quick note to let you know that the lovely Steinsgrrl (Mel) has decided to step down from running Tokio Hotel Fiction. She is still around, and she'll still be around on the site, but she feels it's time for her to move on. She wants everyone to know that she is glad to have helped and she loves everyone.

Please join us in thanking Mel for years and years of running this place, she has kept everything running smoothly and has done a lot to encourage writing, reading and reviewing fanfic during this time.

I have been looking after the site for a little while, but effective from today that is official.

We'd also like to thank our former mod Kirsten (mohanrocks) for her work on the site, Kirsten has moved on and doesn't really spend much time at THF.

Welcome to our new mod Kireinayorudakara!

- Haylz on 09/10/17 04:56 am
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Strange Characters
Some of you may have seen special characters not displaying correctly, we recently upgraded to a newer version of php and I think it was a result of that, it should now be fixed. Thanks!

- Haylz on 09/05/17 04:27 am
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Fic Banners & New Twitter
Hi everyone, you may have noticed a lot of broken fanfic banners on the site recently, this is due to Photobucket cutting off their external linking (hotlinking) unless you pay for the service. Photobucket was a popular image hosting service and I probably wasn't the only one who hosted all my banners there until recently. If your fic banners are broken, you can still log in to Photobucket to save your banner images and then upload them somewhere else like or any other similar image hosts. Also, if for some strange reason you happened to have saved fic banners from stories whose author's aren't around anymore please feel free to send them to us for rehosting :D

In addition to our main Twitter account, we now have one exclusively for story updates so you can get notified any time a new story gets posted or when any story gets updated. It will check for updates on the Recent Stories page every 15 minutes. The updates account is @thfupdate and if you hit the alert button (it should look like a little bell) then Twitter will send your phone a notification when stories are posted/updated. I was going to link it up to our main Twitter account but since I set the thfupdate account up for testing I figured we can keep it there and those who want to follow it can!

Thanks for reading and don't forget upcoming occasions you may want to start writing stories for such as the twins' birthday, Gustav's birthday, and oh yeah HALLOWEEEEEEEN.

- Haylz on 07/29/17 10:06 am
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New Step for Registration
Due to all the spam reviews we have had to implement an extra step when registering a new account. You will be asked a simple question which all fans should know the answer to, the question and answer will be updated regularly. While this won't stop all the spam it should hopefully decrease the amount we get. If you have any problems registering please email us and we can assist you.

- Haylz on 04/02/17 01:08 am
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New skin, new poll!
Thanks for celebrating Halloween with us, we had lots of fun and all the stories posted can be found in the Halloween 2016 series. You can always find Halloween fics under the Halloween tag too! Did you have a favourite Halloween story?

There were some requests for the burnt skin to remain, so a slightly edited version has been added permanently, named burntblack, for those of you who want to continue using it.

New poll is up! I was going to ask about VIP packages but then all the options would have just been 'Die, Treehouse, die'.

- Haylz on 11/08/16 02:11 am
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Happy Halloween!
It's time to start posting those Halloween stories! So that it's easy for everyone to find them, please add your story to the Halloween 2016 series (if you go to the series and click 'Add to Series' it will bring up all your stories to choose from). If you have trouble, just put #THF Halloween somewhere in your story summary and we'll add it for you.

Have fun everyone!

- Haylz on 10/24/16 01:26 am
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Hello, fellow fic-loving Aliens!

Thank you to those of you who voted in the poll regarding "botTom" and bottom genres. We appreciate you sharing your opinion with us and we've taken your thoughts to heart. In response to the popular vote, we've added BottomBill, BottomGeorg, BottomGustav, and BottomTom to the list of genres. You will now be able to tag your stories appropriately and search by those genres.

Once again, thanks for your feedback! Suggestions are always welcome and we'd love to hear from you on our twitter, Facebook, or tumbrl.

In the meantime, have you heard there's a fest coming up? The Halloween Fic Fest stories can be posted starting October 24th. We hope you'll join us for some spooky stories in the week leading up to October 31st!

- Steinsgrrl on 10/21/16 10:45 pm
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Halloween Fic Fest!
Halloween is creeping up fast and we want to see your scary stories! Rather than a challenge, we thought it would be fun to just have a little fic fest and try to get as many Halloween themed stories posted as possible in the week leading up to October 31st. If you love scary fics as much as we do and have always wanted to write Georg as an axe murderer or Bill being chased by a possessed pumpkin, then please join us from October 24th for a week of spooky fun! There are no rules, the only set prompt is ‘Halloween’ which leaves it wide open for all kinds of chills and thrills. You don’t have to write anything scary or gruesome - funny/romantic/general Halloween themed fics are all welcome! You will not need to sign up for anything and those who choose to participate will be free to post their story (or stories!) any time during the week.

We will set up a Halloween 2016 series for you to add your stories to, so that everyone can find them easily. When you submit your story please make a note that it’s for the Halloween fest so we can make sure all stories get included!

If you want to join in but have no clue what to write, head to THFic Prompts for some awesome ideas! They will be adding more Halloween themed prompts closer to the time so make sure to follow them on Tumblr or on Twitter - @THFPrompts

If you’re wondering why we are talking about Halloween in August, it’s just because we want to give people plenty of time to get inspired and get writing :)

- Haylz on 08/27/16 06:24 pm
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I just have to thank Zarlina and Haylz for the amazing new look you see on THF. These two ladies are so talented and I can't thank them enough for lending their time and artistry to Tokio Hotel Fiction. Thank you so much, Sandra and Hayley!

- Steinsgrrl on 03/02/16 08:01 pm
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Happy 12 Days of Christmas!
Today is the first day of our Christmas celebration! We hope you enjoy the features and have a wonderful holiday season.

- THF Staff on 12/14/15 09:31 am
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Quick PSA~~
Hey Friends! I'd really appreciate it if you'd read my latest post on tumblr. Thanks! - Mel
THF Tumblr

- Steinsgrrl on 11/29/15 06:01 pm
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12 Days Of Christmas
How fun! This year THF is bringing back the 12 Days of Christmas, meaning we will be featuring 12 Christmas-themed fics every day until Christmas, starting on December 14th. However, we can't do this alone: we need YOU to send us your favorite holiday stories! It doesn't matter if they've been featured before, send 'em along. Email us: OR send us a message on social media with your favorite(s)!

Thanks and happy holidays! 🎄🎁📯

- Ghostie on 11/29/15 12:33 pm
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Impending Fun
Hey guys! Watch this space next Sunday as we'll be announcing something special for the month of December. See you then!

- Ghostie on 11/22/15 05:44 pm
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Challenge Winners + Reveals!
First place (tie): Head over Heels by em_rose483
First place (tie): The Lucky Ones by Ghostie
Third place: Movie Night by Zarlina

What a great challenge! Since we had a tie, the other story will be featured next week. So many thanks to everyone who participated, authors and readers alike! All the authors have been revealed, so make sure to check out the challenge series! Authors, if you wish, you may now remove the challenge banner and add your own. Thank you all!

- Ghostie on 10/04/15 12:14 pm
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FIA Challenge Voting Open!
It is time to vote for your favorite story for the Feel It All Challenge! For the next week, vote by emailing with the title "FIA Challenge Vote". You can access all the submissions here. Thanks so much to everyone who participated and made this challenge a huge success, and of course everyone who read and reviewed! You are all special and wonderful.

ETA: Participating authors are allowed to vote! However do note that any suspicious behavior to gain more votes may be cause for disqualification.

- Ghostie on 09/27/15 06:17 pm
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