We did it!
Thank you to everyone who donated to help keep the website online - we made our goal and will survive for another half a year, with some money to spare for next time. :)

Thanks a million and enjoy the website!!

- undrockroll on 04/02/13 11:19 am
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Fundraising Time!
Hey THF! Twice a year we try to raise money in order to pay or our website, to keep THF online. That time has come again. We have already raised 25% of our goal with the overflow from last time and some generous donations from this round, too. Unfortunately we no longer use Google Ads and the ads we use now barely raised $10 in 3 weeks, so it's all up to us!

I have designed a progress meter that I will update whenever we get a new donation in. :)

Click the tracker for our donation page, or CLICK HERE! Let's do this, THF!

And now if you'll excuse me, I am off to make my own donation. :)

Thanks, you guys!!

- undrockroll on 03/08/13 08:45 am
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Happy New Years!
2013 promises to be a great one for our favorite band. The twins doing DSDS - and dare I say it, most likely a new album from the band? We certainly hope so!

THF wishes you and your families and friends a wonderful New Years, Until then, it's time to party!!

- undrockroll on 12/29/12 12:54 pm
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Happy Holidays!

And from all of us at THF, too!

- undrockroll on 12/25/12 10:17 am
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The 12 Days of THF-mas...
My true love gave to me...

Let's all get into the holiday spirit, THF!

- undrockroll on 12/12/12 06:12 pm
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Hey everyone! We're going to feature a bunch of spooky THF stories for Halloween week. Request 'em if you've got 'em! FEATURE A FIC link.

Also, we have a new featured fic, and everyone who donated should now be upgraded to Gold accounts. As always, enjoy your week and contact us for any help!

- undrockroll on 10/14/12 09:36 pm
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Thanks to all of you, we made our goal!! We are now paid until April 1, 2013. That is a GREAT accomplishment. :) Thanks so much to those of you who were generous enough to donate. I am so proud of our community. :)

The donation button will remain, however, because if we can slowly build up our next payment over the next half a year, we won't go through this madness again. :3

Thanks again SO much!! And Congratulations!!

- undrockroll on 09/28/12 11:06 pm
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Donation progress!
Hey guys! Here is a widget to track our progress. We need $600 more within two weeks and I know we can do it! Every little bit helps a LOT!

- undrockroll on 09/22/12 09:39 pm
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Keep THF online!
We hate to make this post, but THF is in danger of staying online. We simply cannot afford to pay for the website ourselves anymore, and the ads are not doing as well since we have a lot less activity now. THF is a wonderful community with thousands of amazing stories and thousands more to come. We love this website with all our heart.

If you could, please consider donating to Tokio Hotel Fiction. Our plan is to pay enough to get the website paid for the next 6 months, and by then, hopefully the band will have put out a new single or album and THF will be the busy place it always was. We just need to get through these next 6 months! :)

It's very easy to DONATE. If everyone could spare $5, we will make our goal in no time!

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful weekend!

- undrockroll on 09/21/12 04:03 pm
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Happy birthday this week to Bill, Tom, and Gustav!! THF hopes they have a lovely birthday and we'll be featuring all sorts of birthday fics this week.

Enjoy the weekend!!! :)

- undrockroll on 08/31/12 11:21 pm
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Ta da~
Hello! As you can see, we have a new featured fic this week. I am so sorry that we have gone so very long without having weekly features. Life sort of ran away from me and unfortunately this website had to take a backseat for a bit.

But I've had time to get everything in order and I can give the time this site deserves now. :) You know the deal! If there is a fic you'd like to see featured, please use the form to let us know. We're a member-run site.

Also, I'd like to shine a spotlight on our donation section, too. Many of you have been so generous in the past and even recently, donating what you can to keep the site online. It's true that we do have ads to support us, too, but they don't go the full mile that we need. Times are tough, but if you can afford it at all, please consider a small donation to us. :)

That's all the news for now - thanks for being patience with us during this quiet time. Hopefully we'll have some new music or appearances to look forward to soon - the twins keep promising amazing things! ;)

- undrockroll on 08/05/12 11:22 pm
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2012 FQF Prompt Grab
Hello and Happy Sunday!

Fyredancer, Zeph317 and I are proud to be hosting another year of the September FQF, in honor of the twins' and Gustav's birthdays!

We've had an amazing 121 prompts submitted to the fest pool, just waiting to be claimed. Maybe there's one in there for you! Go here and check it out!

Just a reminder, you must be a member of th_fanfic to claim a prompt. Joining instructions are here. You don't have to have a LiveJournal account to sign up; you can join with your Twitter, Facebook or OpenID.

All questions are welcome! Just email us at

It's going to be a great FQF and we'd love you to be part of it!

- Steinsgrrl on 07/08/12 03:32 pm
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We're back!
We apologize for the short bit of downtime yesterday. It seems that everything is back to normal. We missed a website payment and thanks to those of you who donated! Remember, it is always a good time to donate... :) We would love to stay online for always!

Enjoy the week. :)

- undrockroll on 05/09/12 08:02 pm
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Tokio Hotel Anon Kink Meme!
This is a notice that the tokio hotel kink meme is now open for new prompts and fills!

How a kink meme works is if you're looking for something kinky to read (or anything really, it doesn't have to be kink or sex specific at all!), you can post a comment to the kink meme specifying what kind of story you would like to read! Someone else will come along and, if inspired, will write that story for you and post it in reply to that comment!

On the flip side of that, if you're an author with no inspiration for current projects and want to write something kinky (or again, any genre at all!), you can come to the kink meme and scroll through the tons of prompts people have left! Same as with prompting, you do not need a livejournal account to participate! You can comment completely anonymous, and link back to the comment thread with a link to wherever you post your fill (which, we imagine, would be THF!) so the prompter would be able to read their story :)

The only main rule we have is that your prompts are properly labeled. When commenting to livejournal on the newest prompt post, you will see a subject header section where you must label which pairing you would like to see in your story, what kinks you would like (or what other story elements that are integral) and if there are any triggers. Triggers are warnings that include things like Noncon/Rape or Consensual Blood Play. If it fits a warning that is listed on THF's warning list, we ask that you add that warning to your prompt header so people can see right away what your prompt consists of and can scroll if it is not to their liking :)

That's really all! Head over to our new fill post here and start prompting, filling, or just reading! Any questions can be posted below or on the meme itself in the rules post! Thanks so much! :)

- To-Ho Kink Meme via undrockroll on 04/08/12 04:32 pm
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2012 Georg FQF on THFanfic!
Hello lovely members!

Fyredancer and I are pleased to announce the launch of the 2012 Georg Birthday FQF on THFanfic on LiveJournal!

Georg FQF is a super fun fest we run every March, but it starts with a Prompt Post that we've posted here. Anyone can drop a prompt or four that you'd like to see written, so long as Georg is a major protagonist in the story. (Please read the guidelines before prompting!)

We'd like to stress that you don't have to be a member of LiveJournal or of THFanfic to leave a prompt. You can comment there with OpenID, as well. You do, however, have to be a member of THFanfic to read any NC17 stories that might be posted in the fest. To join, you must follow the instructions here before you click 'join' at the top.

Any questions or comments you have can be dropped here or can be sent to

Thanks for reading and we hope to see some prompts from YOU!

Steinsgrrl and Fyredancer

- Steinsgrrl on 01/21/12 02:54 pm
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25 Days of THF!
Hey guys!

Tomorrow is the official start of the 25 days of THF!

For 25 days we will be featuring some of your favorite TH holiday fics. Each day a new fic will be featured at the top of the page, be it new or old, and we need your help!

Please let us know which holiday fics you'd like to see featured on the site. You can leave a comment in this news post or send us an email with your suggestions to

We're really excited to bring back some old favorites and feature new fics some of you may never have heard of before.

Happy Holidays to all!

- cynical_terrror on 11/30/11 10:55 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
Check out our brand spanking new author spotlight! This week Undrockroll interviews the legendary Saltywench, so give it a gander and make sure to leave a comment.

- cynical_terror on 11/12/11 01:01 pm
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New Featured Fic & Spotlight!
Hey everyone! I hope October is being good to you all. I come today bringing a new Featured Fic, which you should definitely check out up there.

Also, we have a new Author Spotlight. We tried something different this time. The questions we had before were old and tired, and it was time for an update! Our admin Majestrix sat down with Leichenwasser and interviewed him in real time for the spotlight this round! The results were awesome. You don't want to miss it!

Enjoy the week. :)

- undrockroll on 10/16/11 04:28 pm
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September FQF on LiveJournal!
Hello again! You may remember that Fyredancer and I posted recently about the September 2011 FQF fic fest on Live Journal. We're back again to let you know that all the fiction for the fest is posted--an amazing thirty stories!

Right now, the stories are still posted anonymously, and we welcome you to come check them out before we reveal the authors on Saturday. Remember, to read the NC17 stories, you must be a member of TH_fanfic. (Be sure to read the community profile for joining directions!)

Here's where all the action is! Thanks for reading. ♥

- Steinsgrrl and Fyredancer on 10/05/11 09:22 pm
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Author Spotlight!
We've just put up a new Author Spotlight, this time featuring blame_my_dirty_mind! She's a talented author and long time member, and we hope you'll see what she has to say. And a little love on the way out would be more than appreciated. Thanks! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 10/03/11 09:30 pm
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