New Author Spotlight!
We have a new Author Spotlight up, and this time it shines brightly on thilia! She's hugely supportive of THF and a member of our Gold Forum, along with an extremely talented artist and a member of our fanart section. Please take a moment to read her interview and give her a word of support. Thanks! :)

- Steinsgrrl on 09/17/11 10:28 pm
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Happy birthday Gustav!!
THF would love to wish a happy 23rd birthday to Gustav Schaefer!

- undrockroll on 09/07/11 10:39 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We'd like to direct your attention to the Author Spotlight page, where we've just loaded up the interview with thywillbedone! She's an amazing author, lovely person, and a long-time supporter of Tokio Hotel and THF. It would be really great if you'd go have a read and leave her a kind word on the way out. Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 09/05/11 02:50 pm
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Happy 22nd Birthday, Kaulitz Twins!!
THF would love to wish Tom and Bill a very happy birthday today, September 1!

Also, today the Big Bang stories will start posting on the site! Can you handle it? ;)

- undrockroll on 08/31/11 09:12 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We'd like to point your attention to the Author Spotlight page, where we've just put up the newest author interview. This time, we talked with Miriamel, a wonderful author who has shared some amazing stories with us. We'd love it if you'd check out her interview and leave her a kind word. Thanks!

- Steinsgrrl on 08/21/11 11:09 pm
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Hi everyone! Lots and lots of news.

1) We have updated the Featured Fic, finally, after a little summer break. :) Please check it out - it was requested by quite a few members!

2) New Author Spotlight with cigimuz, a long time THF author. Good interview, go and see!

3) Thank you everyone so much for your donations to THF! We have managed to pay the bill and keep the site afloat for another six months. Thank you again, we sincerely could not have done it without you. :)

4) We NO LONG HAVE A BETA READER LIST. We've received MANY emails asking why the Beta Reader list doesn't work anymore. Simple answer: because we don't offer this service any longer.

5) So excited about the Big Bang Challenge! Won't be long now, just a few more weeks! How are you all doing? I've been keeping track, but I also have my own story to write, so I know we're all in good company with each other. :)

6) We have a new hosted site, X-Men Fiction, run by two of our THF admins, Majestrix and Little Muse. It's a new site but it's already doing very well. Go check it out!!

Thanks for reading and sticking with us, everyone. THF has been around for so long now, and we're hoping to be around for a long awhile more. :)

Enjoy the week!

- undrockroll on 08/07/11 07:52 pm
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September FQF on LiveJournal!
Hello THF members!

Some of you may know about this already, but every year about this time, TH_fanfic on LiveJournal hosts the September FQF fic fest.

This is a fest where readers and authors submit prompts that they'd like to see an author claim and write. The stories are then beta'ed and emailed to the community email address, where we then post them anonymously during the week of the fest - this year's is end of September.

You must be a member of the community to claim a prompt, and to read NC-17 stories, and it's explained in the community profile how to join. We're compiling the prompts into a post that will go up tomorrow morning at approximately 9 am PST, and if you're interested in writing one of the nearly 200 prompts we've already received, please refer to the prompt post for more information.

We hope you’ll come play! In the meantime, if you haven't already, please consider donating to keep THF online. Thank you!b29;

- Steinsgrrl and Fyredancer on 07/09/11 10:18 pm
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Big Bang, Donations, Keep THF Online!!
Greetings! Today I have two things I want to talk about.

1) Big Bang. So far the challenge has been going very well, and the writers have been doing their parts very nicely. However, now it's time for the artists to play! I already have a list of about ten of you who signed up. I want to make it clear that if you would like to be a fan artist for the Big Bang Challenge, you need to sign up now. Here is the sign-up form: SIGN UP!.

How does this work? On July 15, I will compile a list of all the summaries/word counts that the writers have already given me. Then, I will send an email out to the artists who have signed up with a list of these summaries/word counts. These will be anonymous – the authors' names will not be attached to their summaries, only a number. Then, the artists will reply to the email with their top three choices of which story they'd like to work with. After this is all said and done, I will email the artists/authors with their matches and then, they take it from there! I will explain this more clearly when I send out the email on July 15, but that is the gist!

2) Donations. In about 2 weeks, we will be paying the bill for THF again. Right now, we are around 400 US dollars short. I really would like you to consider donating to THF, if you can. Every little bit helps and I'd love to be able to keep the site online. I know this is a lot to ask, and I really can't give you anything in return this time (such as valentines or donation items) but maybe you'd consider it, if only to keep THF and THFanart online for all of us. To those who have already donated – a million thanks.

I guess that's it! Thanks so much for reading, good luck with the challenge, and enjoy this week!

- undrockroll on 07/05/11 12:08 pm
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New Author Spotlight and a very important reminder!
Hello lovely members,

We’d like to direct your attention to the Author Spotlight page, where we’ve posted the latest author interview! This time, we got to interview Synnie. She’s been a strong contributor to THF for many years and we’d love it if you had a look at her interview and gave her a kind word or two. Thank you!

We also have just a quick reminder for all the writers and readers of THF. This weekend, we discovered that someone had copied several stories from THF and posted them to another fiction archive. The admins of that site were contacted, the stories were taken down and that member’s account on the archive was deleted, and she was was ultimately banned from that archive. However, we’d like to remind the members here that plagiarism doesn’t just mean posting someone else’s stories to THF, but also includes taking stories from here and posting them elsewhere. We have a zero tolerance policy toward plagiarism, meaning that if we see it, the member committing plagiarism will also be banned. We try to keep things positive here, but no one wants to have their work stolen, which we think everyone can understand.

Thank you! :)

- Steinsgrrl on 06/19/11 09:05 pm
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THF Challenge #5 begins!


Everything is explained if you follow the link! We're very excited - please consider joining!

- undrockroll on 06/01/11 12:45 am
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THF Challenge for June 1-September 1!
Hello everyone!

I've been dangling little teasers of exciting news to come for a few weeks now. I'm sorry to be a bit late with this post, but it's here now and that's what counts!

Summer is approaching fast for most of us, and it's an excellent time to begin THF Challenge #5: The Big Bang!!

I will explain more what it is on June 1st, when the challenge/sign-ups begin officially, but for now I will summarize the events. A Big Bang is a fiction fest that is like an "explosion" of fiction concentrated on a particular fandom, for the purpose of creating lots of new, long stories in all types of genres and storylines so that fandom can have their pick of tons of new fic to read! These new longfics are posted all at once like a massive celestial event!

Artists and writers alike can both participate in this challenge.

This is a rather long and daunting challenge, so this is the reason for the extra long participation time. Can you challenge yourself to write a story with at least 15,000 words from June1 to September 1? Can you imagine how amazing it will be when September rolls around, and all of a sudden - BANG! - there's a ton of completed longfics on the site for you to read?

Let that simmer! More will be explained in a couple days! Enjoy what's left of May! :)

And don't forget - Tokio Hotel will be appearing at the MuzTV Awards in Moscow, Russia on June 3! Show your support and as always, thank you. :)

- undrockroll on 05/30/11 04:30 pm
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Happy Birthday, Little Muse!
My, how the days turn, these days of our lives. It's Little Muse's birthday!

Please wish our admin the best day possible. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the site helps keep it running smoothly.

I personally could not replace her because she is my awesome collaborator as well as a literary force on her own.

Happy Birthday, Muse!

- Majestrix on 05/22/11 11:09 pm
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New Author Spotlight up!
We have a new Author Spotlight up. Tomgasm has been a member of THF nearly from the beginning and she's still writing awesome stories! We'd love it if you'd give her interview a read and leave her some love, too. Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 05/22/11 09:38 pm
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Happy Birthday, Umetnica!
It's that time again, to give a warm "Happy Birthday" to Lena (Umetnica). She's one of the hardest working admin on the site, as well as making sure the thfanart site runs smoothly.

Personally, she's a friend full of artful passion and fire for these sites we've come to depend on, and hilarious to boot.

So please, take a moment to wish her an absolutely fabulous birthday, and another amazing year.

- Majestrix on 05/18/11 08:50 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We have a new Author Spotlight up, and this time, we interviewed the lovely mcpofife. You want to read this one. Yes, you really do. ;) And I'm sure she'd appreciate a kind word on the way out. Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 05/01/11 06:13 pm
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Beta Readers
Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank you guys for the birthday wishes last week. :) It was really sweet and made me smile a lot.

Now, some of you may have noticed that we have gotten rid of the Beta Reader section on THF. It's true, we did. The section was simply too much work, and a lot of our beta readers weren't as reliable as we'd have liked them to be. In lieu of this being gone, here's what you can do:

1. Get a friend to look over your story.
2. Consult the Writing Guides. They're very, very good and thorough!
3. Find a beta to work with at TH Betas @

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but it's much better this way, for both the staff and members. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful weekend!

- undrockroll on 04/28/11 02:01 pm
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Happy Birthday Undrockroll!
Hey guys!

Long time no see! I am here for a very special occasion that you should all be very aware of. What is that occasion, you ask?

It's Darcy's (undrockroll's) birthday! That's right, the site founder and Little Baus of THF is having a birthday today, April 21st. She didn't even want me to post anything on the site about her birthday, but I couldn't stop myself because she is such an amazing gal who has done so much for THF over the years, and has a very sweet place in my heart, and always will.

Darcy, you are the most vibrant, sweetest, girl to ever have dropped out of a flower bud (Fairy!Bill lives!). I hope you have the best of days, because you deserve every happy, precious moment in the world.

With all my love,

- cynical_terrror on 04/20/11 10:56 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We're happy to announce that we have a new author spotlight up and we'd really love it if you'd check it out. This time, we're featuring Raiju. She's a prolific, talented author and her interview is well worth the read. Don't forget to leave her a kind word on the way out! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 04/16/11 05:27 pm
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Happy Birthday to Geeooorg!
THF wishes Georg Listing a very happy 24th birthday! Go read/write some Georg smut!!

- undrockroll on 03/31/11 03:19 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We'd like to direct your attention to the Author Spotlight page, where we have a new interview up. This time, we're focusing on rreloaded! It'd be great if you'd check out her interview and show her some love on the way out. Thanks! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 03/26/11 04:10 pm
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