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To Have Her Please Just One Day Wake... by Bklover PG-13
Just a songfic for Gaeta's Lament. Something I've come up with for Battlestar...
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The Christmas Cynic by kishmet

Bill's radio show provides its listeners with their weekly dose of cynicism, and an extra helping in December, a time of year that brings out the worst in Bill Trumper, the Christmas Cynic.Enter one Tom Kaulitz, the most optimistic caller Bill's show has ever seen...
Rated: NC17
Categories: Slash
Genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff, Humor, Romance, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: None
Warnings: Adult Content

Holiday Challenge
We're gearing up for the festive season, and the first thing to announce is a new challenge (finally) which you can find the details of here!

Deadline for getting your stories in to us is Jan 14 2018, and we'd love if you participated. There is a prize for the winner so check it out!

We'll also soon be putting up a Christmassy/Holidays layout, and a tree which you can help decorate, just by writing stories :D More details SOON.

- Haylz on 12/02/17 04:55 pm
News Archive

We have now commenced with the Halloween fanfic features, the first is up now and we will continue to feature spooky stories right up to Halloween to get us all in the mood. Let us know if you have any Halloween story suggestions.

We've added all the prompts that were posted on Twitter for Halloween last year here in case someone wants to write something :D

Some new fields have been added to the bio page such as favourite band member, what you like to write and read etc, don't forget to update yours!

Finally, you may have noticed that series are no longer listed on profiles anywhere, this is due to the high likelihood of this feature causing all the crashes we've been having lately. Unfortunately the coding for it isn't the best and I hope to not have to get rid of series altogether, for now you can still create and edit new ones, add stories to series, and access them from the stories themselves. Sorry for the inconvenience but the crashes are just getting way out of hand. Crossing our fingers we've seen the last of them but only time will tell.

UPDATE: For the meantime we have had to disable series, sorry guys! Contact us if you have any queries about this.

- Haylz on 09/26/17 01:48 am
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