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^This is ME!!! Tomi from AFFSOAHM

 formspring me

 I'm called either Billa or Thea, I’m the eldest chronologically of the Sechslings, but not age-wise.

So ja, I’m Billa, and I’m crazy. I’m known as the “Tomi” (as in Tomi from AFFSOAHM) of the group. I’m randomly hyper, and more than likely just randomly random, all the time.

I started off here writing one of the first, non animal/supernatural/freaky-wierd-girl-joins-tokio-hotel-as-singer, HET stories this site had (Baby Kaulitz) and now am a through and through crack author, though I still regularly delve into drama and even some emotional stuff, I’m sure you'll find a level of humour in most of my stories. 

I also have a deep complicated relationship with angst stories, written by myself or otherwise.

I think I am most well-known for writing (the majority of the time) "Tomi" from A Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal, his manner of speech comes from myself, and my luverly typing skills :D

I’m sure most people need a dictionary to understand me...but that’s coming in the future some time, lol.


A Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal: since I’m working on this with Lady and Anony, updates are sporadic at best, as we all wait for inspiration to strike.

RAK series: updates are also sporadic for these stories, as I find it really hard to write for.

Yet to be named fic I’ve been working on and completing before posting:  to be posted when actually done...

 Super Secret Fic I’ve Been Woking On With Lad Tiadalma:  also to be posted when it’s finished...or well part one of it anyway :P

All other fics are a “when the inspiration strikes” kind of thing, as I’m all around osm and annoying like that...sorry :P


synnieSynnie, is my Wife, he's amazing, i often call him Bean-kun/lieberbean or just Bean. I'm moving in with him this summer (2011) and i cannot wait, it will be amazing :D (I impregnated Synnie in late 2010, and he is expecting our first child together in May it's name will be Ce'nedra.

anony, my anony -MOUSE/Billa/kaka/Alcie/Annie and Aloce. We spend hours after we should be asleep talking, brainstorming....bill storming too....and youtube...and....other...stoopid things.... *ahem* SHE IS MIENE BILLA HUBBY!! Alice is ALSO pregnant with my spawn, we have yet to decide on a name for this one. I am also expecting her children this summer, a pair on twins ( my second set) Emmett and Emmerree

ladyaka aldy, she could be called our older sister, she has the greatest sense of humour,sometimes we call her frog...WE LOVE YOU LADY, she's my wifey Number ZWEI and she is also expecting my child in May :D

tokiprincess slut muffin, firefly, our slut, we love her, she has great stories to tell, and often lightens the mood with a random slut comment. :)  we now call her toki tokerson MIEN WIFEY number three! I also Impregnate dhe rin late 2010 and she is expected to birth my daughter in May. We haven't decided on a name yet.

roorooRooRoo, My life partner, he is not a THF member....yet... but he's special to all of us sechslings we LIEBERS him!!! I Also impregnated him in october, but he was hungry and ate our unborn child, so I impregnated him again in January So he will deliver our child in September.

mistressesmizmy mistress, She is bruder-liebe bound to my husband Anony, Iam her kitchen wench... she is my mistress...She's taught me much in the little time i've known her. She is expecting my Quadruplets this summer, Cream Cheese Filling, Boston Cream, Hummas and Baba Ganouch.

megMeg, my Tadpole, also a mistress of mine, She is wonderful and expecting Synnie's Child Impi in May.



Birthed by me: Jacob and Issak (twins with Toki) born May 2009, Sofonda cox(with all sechslings): born July 17th 2010, and Emmett and Emmerree: Due May 21 2011 (with Alice/Anony)

Fathered by me: Cream Cheese Filling, Boston Cream, Hummas, Baba ganouch (with Misery birthing) Ce'nedra (with Synnie), unamed child (with Lady) unamed child (with Toki) unamed child (with Alice) ALL DUE MAY 2011, and Unamed Child (with rooroo) Due September 2011

total count as of now: 14 

total sechsling children: 29 (+ ones not born while mother/father was a sechsling)

Personal Quote: "Nao esplain it to me, noice n slow...."



I'd love to make some more friends on MSN, or Skype, if your free to tlk, I’d love it! my skype email address is, user name is paarthea, my msn is

 Short people unite to kick
tall people in the shins!

Paste into your bio if your younger sibling
is taller than you! (four, probably six of my nine siblings are taller than me, and they probably all will be when they are all grown up)




Check out our Sechsling, its still in the works and rather under visited, but we'd love to see you ->here



Also! Check out the Sechslings' Tokio Hotel Fiction Awards!   we run a new session every three months ;)

now in progres: session TWO, Voting Open.

MSN IM: MSN IM Billa_Loves_Skittles [AT] live [DOT] com
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