What is this place?
Welcome to Tokio Hotel Fiction! This is a website for fan fiction about characters involving Tokio Hotel. Here you can read and write fan fiction, and you can also meet a community of fans of the band.

Does it cost anything?
No, having an account at Tokio Hotel Fiction is absolutely free. All you need is an email address. If you do not have an email address, you can get one for free at,, or

How do I make an account?
You must click on the link that says “Register” and then follow the signup process. Once you have created an account, please log in and check your email for your Welcome letter, to make sure that your account is working properly!

How come I can’t read any of the stories?
Because you aren’t logged in!

Why aren't the recent stories on the front page?
We've moved the recent stories off the front page. Please select Recent fics under the "Browser Content By" menu to view recent stories.

Who is Tokio Hotel?
Tokio Hotel is a German rock band. They are wildly popular in many different countries and if you haven’t heard of them by now, you probably will in the near future. Go to or for more information, or check them out on Youtube.

How do I submit a fanfic?
In order to submit a fanfic, you must first create an account. After you have created an account and have gotten your fanfic beta read, log in to your account and look for the “account info” link. It is located on the right side of the site in the light pink bar. Once inside your account area, select “Add New Story”. After you have selected the appropriate category, characters, genre, pairing, warnings, and rating, either paste the text of your story into the “Story text” box, or upload your document to the site.

Note 1: When pasting the text of your story into the story text box, you have to use simple HTML coding.

Note 2: If you are uploading your fanfic to the server, be sure that your file ends in either TXT, HTML, HTM, DOC, or RTP. No other types will be accepted.

How do I add a chapter to my fanfic?
Log in to your account, select “Account Info”, and then click on “Manage Stories”. You should next find the story you want to update. On the same line as the story title, there should be a link, “Add New Chapter”. From there, just follow the general submission rules.

How do I edit my fanfic?
Log in to your account, select “Account Info”, and click “Manage Stories”. Select the story you wish you edit from the list and click on it. From there you should see all your editing options.

I submitted my fanfic but it isn’t showing up!
THF runs moderated submissions, which means that when you submit your fanfic, it goes into a queue to be approved. If there is a moderator online at the time, they will look at your fic in the “holding area” and if it complies with the site guidelines, your fanfic will be published!

If your fanfic does not meet the standards of the website, you will receive an email (or “rejection letter”) telling you what you can do to fix it. Please check your spam and junk mail if you don’t receive a rejection letter in your inbox. We always encourage people to try again!

My fan fic never showed up on the site and I never received a rejection letter!
If you have checked your account email's spam/junk folders and you still cannot find a rejection letter, please contact THF for help.

My fan fic was rejected, how can I fix it?
You can edit your fan fic yourself or get a beta reader. If you’re having problems editing the fan fic on your own, you may want to check out our writing guides that are located on the right hand side of the website.

What is a beta reader?
A beta reader is an author’s best friend. A beta reader is the person who reads over your story before anyone else does, before you submit it to the site for everyone to read. Beta readers edit your story, fix your grammar, and give you suggestions of what you should or should not change before your story is presented to the public.

How do I get a beta reader?
Go to our list of Beta Readers and contact whichever beta reader looks best to you. All of them are trustworthy.

How can I be a beta reader?
If you'd like to become a beta reader on the site, please send a prose writing sample (500 words minimum) with dialogue to Please no poetry. We will check over your writing and get back to you about being a beta reader.

How can I get my story featured?
Just be outstanding in some way – if your story catches the site’s eye, you just might find your story with a blue ribbon next to it.

If you have a favorite fic on the site that you think deserves to be featured, submit the story to be featured here.

What do the different categories mean?
General: Indicates a story in which there are no pairings.
Het: Indicates a story that includes a relationship between a male and a female.
Slash: Indicates a story that includes a relationship between two people of the same gender.

What are the different categories and warnings on the site and what do they mean?
For detailed descriptions, please go here.

Why is there so much slash and barely any het?
It just so happens that a majority of people who come to this site enjoy stories that deal with homosexual pairings, for example: male/male and female/female. We don’t know why!

But we've been seeing a large number of Het fics posted lately, so it seems the categories are evening out.

What do the ratings mean?
We use the US movie ratings system.

How do I contact an administrators?
Email us at We will usually get back to you within 48 hours.

Who are the administrators and the site staff?
Check out our site staff page.

What is the live help?
The live help is an instant chat program that you can sign onto to ask questions from our staff, instead of emailing the admins.

How do I find a fanfic?
You can use our fabulous search function, located toward under "Browse By" menu on the right hand side of the page. You must be logged in to use this features.

What fanfic should I read?
Ask around! Or check out our Top Tens.

How do I review a story?
When you’re done reading a story, click on the “review” link, or scroll down to the bottom of the fic – there should be a white box down there. That is where you can leave your review. Don’t forget to be polite!

How do I reply to a review someone left on my story?
If you have written a story and received reviews, you can click the “respond” link below the individual reviews and reply to each and every one of your readers! Note: Only authors will be able to reply to their own reviews.

I am writing a story with a coauthor and we can't reply to our reviews, why?
Because of a bug in the Efiction program the site runs on, some coauthors cannot reply to reviews. We have no fix for this problem at the time and sadly can do nothing about it.

We recommend that you respond to reviews in the end notes of chapters.

How do I put a banner on my story?
Please read the banner guide.

How do I add my favorites to my account? I've tried, and they never show up!
When adding stories/authors to your favorites list, there are two steps. First, click the "add story/author to favorites" and then it will bring you to another page. There is a text box on this page - you can write why this story/author is your favorite, if you want, or you don't have to. Then click "submit" and the author/story will be added to your favorites.

How do I delete my account?
You must email the admin staff at and have them delete the account for you. Please use your account email when contacting us to verify that you are the account holder.

Can I change my Username on the site? How?
Yes! Please email the admin staff and let them know what you'd like your account name to be changed to. Please choose carefully, as the admin will normally only do this for you once.