Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief and Donation Information
There have been many disasters in the natural and political world lately, but it seems that the quake/tsunami disaster that happened in the Japan/Pacific area just yesterday, 3/11/11, has caught the eye of the entire world. The events have completely devastated most of the area and the death toll is already way too high, not to mention the ever growing list of missing people and pets. The Japanese government has now officially asked for help.

I urge you, if you can, to open your hearts to these people. There are several ways you can do this. Without help from around the world, the communities will have extreme difficulties rebuilding. Here are ways you can help:

1. Keep the people in your thoughts.

2. Participate in the fandom auction on Livejournal that has been set up - you can offer writing, material goods, art, food, anything - or you can wait until the auctions begin to bid on something. Here is the link for more information: Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Auctions @ LJ.

3. Donate to the Red Cross - they're a very kind, giving organization who have helped those in need all around the world. Either text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 (it will automatically be added to your phone bill) or go to The Red Cross to learn more information about donating that way.

4. Donate to Doctors Without Borders, another worthy charity/relief group.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

- undrockroll on 03/12/11 11:09 am
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Happy 4th Birthday, THF!
Can you believe our community has been here for four years now? March is our birthday month, and we have a great way to celebrate this year! We're going to be re-featuring old stories that have been classics throughout the years - the building blocks of THF. Let the celebration begin, and thank you everyone for keeping THF so successful!

- undrockroll on 03/06/11 12:23 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
Hello everyone! We've got a new Author Spotlight up, this time highlighting Miss Kass! She's a wonderful, hardworking author from Down Under and we'd love it if you'd check out her interview and show her some love. Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 02/27/11 05:02 pm
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Happy Valentines Day, everyone!
A very Happy Valentines to all the THF members! Today doesn't have to be about being single or not, it's about sharing love with friends. :) Always remember that. Stay smiling and have a wonderful week!

- undrockroll on 02/14/11 12:23 pm
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THF Valentine Delivery Service!
I have an exciting announcement! We are beginning a new fundraiser - a Valentine Delivery Service! February is the month of sweethearts, after all, and THF wants to help you all show your appreciation to your friends and loved ones.

THF Valentine Delivery Service!

Click the link to see what it's all about! We're very excited about it, and we'd like for it to be a success. You can send your friends Valentines packages that include a card, a drabble, a poem, a custom message, and even the choice to be anonymous.

We will deliver your card on Valentines Day and maybe you will even receive one, too! Join the fun, click the link. :) Thanks for reading!

- undrockroll on 02/01/11 12:59 am
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New Author Spotlight is up!
We have a new Author Spotlight up, and this time, author/admin Rainbowcolored7 has been kind enough to give us a little of her time. We'd love it if you'd give her interview a read and leave some love for her on the way out! Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 01/30/11 10:29 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We have a new Author Spotlight up, this time featuring the lovely author of "Turn Back Time", Izzap! We'd love it if you took a few moments to read her interview and give her a shout on your way out. Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 01/16/11 08:43 pm
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Thank You!!
I have a very exciting announcement. I have just sent the payment to keep THF online to our web host, and we are now solid until mid July! :) I want to thank everyone who donated and support us in this time of need. I realize that perhaps donating to keep a fan fiction site online may not seem like the worthiest cause, but we are a community, and we all depend on the site being there. :)

It's because of all of you that we made this possible. Thank you, and thank each other. Now, a number of you have sent in donations through the mail and you might think you're too late - this isn't true. There are other costs that go into THF that will be paid later this month (upkeep, Schrei Box, advertising, maintenance), so don't feel that you didn't make the deadline. THF is a constantly needy beast and pretty much always needing some kind of financial support! So to you - thank you for your kindness. :)

Now, I am sure we've all heard about the terrible flooding in Australia. It's devastating and a lot of our members live there, and are being affected. :( In the spirit of kindness, generosity, and donations, I'd like you to consider donating to the Queensland Flood Relief. It is truly a disaster down there - just search on youtube for the Toowoomba flooding, I was horrified - and it would mean a lot if you'd consider helping. Again, any amount helps.


So that's it. Thank you again for keeping the site online, and have a wonderful week. You've earned it!

- undrockroll on 01/11/11 04:56 pm
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Donation Countdown!!
We have already raised most of the amount we need to keep THF online - there is only a fraction left! Please consider donating. We would appreciate it so much, and any amount helps. Three dollars, six dollars, ten dollars, more - it doesn't matter. Thank you for reading, and if your friends like THF, spread the word!

- undrockroll on 01/10/11 09:56 pm
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Donation Time
Hi everyone!

It's that time of year again where we need to pay for THF to be able to stay online. We haven't yet reached our goal, and we would appreciate it so much if you could find it in your hearts to donate. It doesn't have to be a lot - it could be a dollar, two dollars, anything!

We really appreciate your constant support and loyal membership. When THF has needed help, we've all banded together in the past to make it work. Please consider helping to keep THF online! :) You don't need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.

Thank you!


- undrockroll on 01/06/11 04:14 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
KNW is a talented author and beloved mod here on THF, and she's in our Author Spotlight this time. Turns out she's got a lot to say! We invite you to have a look at her interview and leave her some love on the way out. Thanks! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 12/27/10 12:41 am
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Merry Christmas and Happily Holidays from THF!

- cynical terror & undrockroll on 12/25/10 03:09 pm
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New Author Spotlight!
We have a new Author Spotlight up, and BrokenMirror is in it! You know, the lovely author who writes #815, the most tracked story on THF? We'd love it if you'd click over and read her interview and leave her some love. Thanks! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 12/11/10 12:02 am
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Voting for the Tokio Hotel Fan Fic Awards has begun!
Hey everyone!

Voting has begun over at our affiliated site, the Tokio Hotel Fan Fic Awards. Please consider making your way over to the voting booths and showing your support for your favorite stories and authors!

- undrockroll on 12/10/10 01:25 am
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Happy birthday, Majestrix!!
We want to wish a very, very happy birthday to our talented and devoted admin, Majestrix. She is a valued member of the site, has always been there for us when the going gets rough, and we want her to know that we always have her back, no matter what. We love you, Sophia!

Please treat yourself by reading the featured stories for the day. For the next 24 hours, it's a nonstop Majestrix extravaganza. Sophia, we hope you day is lovely!!

- cynical terror & undrockroll on 12/07/10 11:28 pm
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Purple Dove Project Update!
As promised, some further information about one of THF's newest affiliates! :)

The Purple Dove Project is a fandom auction on LiveJournal that's devoted to raising funds for organizations that work to combat anti-LGBT bullying and to support LGBT kids, teens, and young adults. Proceeds from the auction will go to The Trevor Project, NOH8, the It Gets Better Project, Stonewall, and other approved charities around the world. You can offer and bid on fanfiction, fanart, banners, podfics, and a host of other fandom-related and non-fandom-related items!

So far we've had an amazing amount of support from Tokio Hotel fans, and we'd love to see even more of you getting involved. Offer fics, bid on offers by your favorite THF authors, and help us support LGBT youth at The Purple Dove Project! ♥

- kishmet on 12/05/10 10:35 pm
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THF Fandom Remix Winners and Reveal!
We have revealed all of the authors for the THF Fandom Remix. Thank you everyone for participating!

And the winners are...

First Prize: Fyredancer for Don't Talk of Worlds That Never Were
Second Prize: ophelia_seven for Safe With Me
Third Prize: EmilyExorsist for Imprints REMIX

Congratulations and thanks everyone for voting! Now go find your favorites and see who actually wrote what story. :) Enjoy the weekend!

- undrockroll on 12/03/10 06:30 pm
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Glee Fic and Remix winners tomorrow!
Hellooooooooooo THFers! :)

I want to post some exciting news. THF is hosting a new, awesome fiction site called Glee Fic. It is located here: and we really think you should check it out, if Glee's your thing! :)

Also, authors will be revealed and winners of the THF Remix will be announced tomorrow, December 3rd. Merry weekend!

- undrockroll on 12/03/10 12:53 am
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New Author Spotlight, voting and a new affiliate!
Hello lovely THF members!

First, I'd like to mention that we have a new Author Spotlight, and this time, we're focusing on Jellypencil! Jelly is a wonderful author and the sweetest girl, and we invite you to take a look at her interview and leave her some love on your way out!

Also! Please don't forget to vote for your favorite entry in the THF Fandom Remix Challenge. We had some incredible entries and we hope you've had a chance to read them all. Just drop us an email at and tell us the name of your favorite and why you think it's the best. We're excited to announce the winners on Friday!

We'd like to announce that we have a new affiliate, The Purple Dove Project. This is a new community run by Kishmet and Ninaelisabeth, dedicated to raising money for and supporting LGBT kids who are victims of bullying. Their first auction will begin next week, and Kishmet will make a post later in the week with more details.

Lastly, THF will be starting our Annual Twelve Days of Christmas countdown soon! Now's the time to submit your favorite holiday themed stories. We'd like to see your favorites sent to!

Thank you! ♥

- Steinsgrrl on 11/28/10 08:23 pm
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Remix Voting! And donations, please!
Hey everyone!

The time has come to send in your votes for your favorite entry of the THF Fandom Remix Challenge! I hope you've all been reading - you can find all of the entries HERE.

Please send your vote for your favorite, and why, to Winners will be announced Friday!

On a more serious note, in about a month we will be paying the bill for the THF website again. Our ads pay for some - but we would really appreciate it if you would consider donating. :) We accept donations by Paypal (, credit card (follow THIS LINK to make a transaction) and we accept USD cash donations and money orders, too. Just email for more details on that. THF is a wonderful community and we can band together and really make a difference, so let's try and keep our home online! :)

Thanks, and I hope everyone's weekend is great.

- cynical terror & undrockroll on 11/27/10 10:37 pm
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