Uh oh...

We have obliterated the new skin "tokiohotel". We are having extreme issues with it. It may have looked nicer, but jelly is a much better bet right now. Please update your skin preference accordingly, and know that we're working on a new skin as I type. :)

- undrockroll on 07/08/08 08:27 pm
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New CENTERED Site Skin and MORE!
Hello all!

We've recently had the good fortune to work with a skin designer and Efiction admin named Jacci. Not only has she been helping us clear up some issues on our site, but she's done a ton of hard work on centering our skin.

If your skin is currently aligned to the left hand side, check out the new skin named "Tokiohotel" by using the drop down menu which is located on the left hand side of the site under "site info".

If you like this skin and want to make it your default skin, go into "Account Info" click "Edit Preferences" and select "TokioHotel" under the skins drop down menu. Hit submit and the skin will be yours!

If you are using the TokioHotel skin and the web page looks messed up or you're having problems, you will want to reset your skin to "Jelly". You can reset your skin to "Jelly" by going into your "Account Info" just as I explained above. Those using Internet Explorer Version 6, you will have to use "Jelly" to view the site, as that version is out of date and will not support this skin.

If you've had problems editing older fan fic or submitting new fan fic in the past, these issues should now be fixed. If you can't edit a fan fic, or when you submit a fan fic it strips your text, please let us know so we can look into it. As far as we know, this should all be fixed now.

Also, for all coauthors who are having problems responding to reviews, we want to apologize first off for the inconvenience you've experienced. The bad news is, we cannot fix this problem. It's a bug with the Efiction program and until a new version of the program comes out that addresses this issue, coauthors will not be able to respond to reviews. I'd recommend emailing reviewers to thank them for their responses, or putting general thanks in your author's notes every chapter. Please be patient with us on this bug, there is truly nothing we can do to fix it.

If you are having any other site issues, please let us know. We are working very hard right now to fix most issues!

Thank you for your patience and for supporting THFiction!

And it would be much appreciated if we could all give Jacci a round of applause (or a fistful of semi precious gems - save your rubies for when the coauthor function is fixed!) for all of the hard work she's done. She will also accept first born males as a method of thanks. ;)

OR... click HERE to help Jacci by typing "the pretender" in the voting slot and voting for her fandom! Let's show our support for her, since she's supporting our site by putting so much work into it. Every vote counts. :)

- MissMod on 07/02/08 11:23 pm
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Banner Guide!
hey everyone!

We have a Banner Guide now, thanks to RosePhantom. :) You can use this guide to learn how to post banners with your fanfics. It's all in there, extensive and spelled out.

Thank you, Rose!! :)

- undrockroll on 06/29/08 02:28 am
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FAN ART - take two!
Hello all!

We added "Fan Art" submissions to the website yesterday evening. However, because we had SO many amazing fan arts submitted to the site, the art totally overwhelmed the fan fic and made the site a bit difficult to navigate.

Well, for all of you fan artists and fan art lovers, we've made a Tokio Hotel Fan Art site. We're still putting some of the finishing touches on the layout, and the site is BRAND NEW, but you can go there, register, and start posting your fan art.

Please check it out and support our fan artists.

Fan art will no longer be accepted on THFiction, so please do not submit fan art to the site.

- MissMod on 06/09/08 06:54 pm
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Everyone - tonight at midnight CST the Schrei Box will be shut down for 24 hours. We're having bandwidth issues, meaning we have many, many page hits per day. We want to see how the Schrei Box factors in to these page hits. Please use the CHAT during the downtime. :)

Also, we just restored the site to how it was before we updated. Boy, was THAT A MISTAKE. We hope everything is back to working, such as the email updates and editing stories and... etc. Please let us know if you're still having troubles. God, we're trying, lol. That update did nothing but kick us backwards.

So.. enjoy the silence, starting at 12:00 CST!

- undrockroll on 05/29/08 03:40 pm
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Site Update!
Hello everyone,

We updated the site to Efiction 3.4.3 today, in a desperate attempt to fix a lot of the coauthor problems on the site. Many coauthors cannot respond to feedback or their names have been stripped from "update" emails.

This is a huge problem that we've been trying to fix for quite a while now.

Thanks to Tasha, one of our lovely mods on the site, we've been able to fix many of the coauthor problems. However, we were still having issues before the update.

Sadly, the update did not fix any of these issues as promised. Please respond to this news post with any problems you have with the site. We want to find all of the bugs that may have been created by this update, and bugs from before the update.

We need your help in making the site a better place for all members!

Because our site is growing so large, we've seen an enormous increase in page hits. Our webhosting bills have gone through the roof and our advertisements are not paying nearly enough to cover the costs of the extra bandwidth we need.

If you can DONATE even a dollar to the cause through Paypal, we would be very appreciative!

Thank you for your support!

- MissMod on 05/28/08 07:42 pm
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LIVE Support!
We now have a LIVE SUPPORT feature! If you look on the right hand column, right under the Main Menu and Browse box, you'll see a new section. This is our Live Support section!

If you click on the button, a chat box will pop up and if someone from the TH Fiction Team is online, we can give you instant help. If we are online, it will say so. :) If we aren't, then you can leave us a message for later.

We hope this new feature is quite helpful - we're very excited about it.

- undrockroll on 05/24/08 08:42 pm
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No More Drabbles
Hey everyone -

Lately, the site has been growing immensely, both in content and in members. Welcome, new members. :) Hope you're enjoying your stay so far...

However, we are concerned about the content. About 60% of the fic submitted is drabbles. Now, drabbles are okay but we're having some trouble with quality control, or people posting for the hell of it.

As of today, May 14, 2008, Drabbles are no longer accepted. Your submission must be at least 500 words or longer. Any new Drabbles will be deleted without notice. All submissions, besides prologues and epilogues, that are under 500 words will not be accepted and the authors will not be notified of these deletions.

No old Drabbles will be removed from the site, but the genre is now locked.

It's nothing personal. This is a fan fiction archive, not a summary archive. Please try to respect this new rule.

Thank you for your time...

- undrockroll on 05/14/08 09:17 pm
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News, News, News!
Hey everyone!

We have some news for you, as usual, as usual... I shall do this in list form!

1. Staff Bios! We have them now. Do you want to know who is running the site? Be sure to check it out on the main menu. :)

2. Feature a Fic! Now YOU can have a say in which fanfic gets featured every week. Just fill out the form and it will send a nudge in our direction. If we all agree on it, then the story you recommended just may be featured in the coming weeks. ;)

3. Beta Readers. God, we
need beta readers! Do you want to apply to be one? Send an email to or check out the BETA READERS section if you're interested!

I think that's all... Hope everyone's enjoying the changes! We're working hard to make this site as good as possible. :)

- undrockroll on 04/27/08 11:34 pm
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Layout Changes
We're going to be adding a lot of new content to the site shortly, and our old "Murder" layout with the one column will not support this new material.

Because of this, we have gotten rid of the old layout. Please try and get used to this change. You can choose between the "Jelly" layout and the "JellyMurder" layout by going into your preferences and selecting which layout you'd like to be your default.

Also, to help raise money for the site, we've begun implementing advertisements on the site. These will be tasteful, small advertisements that shouldn't get in the way of viewing the site. To support the site, please consider clicking some of the advertisements.

Thank you!

- MissMod on 04/20/08 01:24 am
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