Halloween Fic Fest!
Halloween is creeping up fast and we want to see your scary stories! Rather than a challenge, we thought it would be fun to just have a little fic fest and try to get as many Halloween themed stories posted as possible in the week leading up to October 31st. If you love scary fics as much as we do and have always wanted to write Georg as an axe murderer or Bill being chased by a possessed pumpkin, then please join us from October 24th for a week of spooky fun! There are no rules, the only set prompt is ‘Halloween’ which leaves it wide open for all kinds of chills and thrills. You don’t have to write anything scary or gruesome - funny/romantic/general Halloween themed fics are all welcome! You will not need to sign up for anything and those who choose to participate will be free to post their story (or stories!) any time during the week.

We will set up a Halloween 2016 series for you to add your stories to, so that everyone can find them easily. When you submit your story please make a note that it’s for the Halloween fest so we can make sure all stories get included!

If you want to join in but have no clue what to write, head to THFic Prompts for some awesome ideas! They will be adding more Halloween themed prompts closer to the time so make sure to follow them on Tumblr or on Twitter - @THFPrompts

If you’re wondering why we are talking about Halloween in August, it’s just because we want to give people plenty of time to get inspired and get writing :)

- Haylz on 08/27/16 06:24 pm
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I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with! :)
- Steinsgrrl on 08/27/16 07:04 pm
- Gaja on 08/27/16 08:15 pm
Great idea! I canīt wait for all these stories!!! :)
- Zuzu21 on 08/28/16 01:42 pm
Can't wait to read all yours!
- kireinayorudakara on 09/17/16 01:14 pm

man, i wish i had seen this two months ago

- Christie Tracks on 10/07/16 08:55 am
eeeeee I'm so excited for this!
- em_rose483 on 10/22/16 09:05 am
Me too!
- Haylz on 10/23/16 08:06 am