Before You Submit Your Fiction
Before You Submit Your Fiction...

Ask yourself these questions:

    Have I read the Submission Rules? Do I understand them? Am I following them?
    Is this my own original work? (Is the fanart I'm using mine to use?)
    Is my story spell checked?
    Is my story proofread or beta read?
    Is my dialogue punctuation correct?
    Is my HTML formatted correctly?
    Are there spaces between my paragraphs? (No walls of text, please!)
    Is my story at least 500 words long?
    Does my story have the right warnings, genres and pairings?
    Is my title Original? (Search to make sure it is)
    Did I save a backup copy of my story in case it is rejected?
    Did I preview my story to make sure everything looks all right?

The answer to all of these questions should be YES!
Please familiarize yourself with the full Submission Rules and use this check list as a reminder.
This check list does not cover every one of our submission rules.

I submitted my fiction, now what?

    Wait for your submission to be reviewed. If an Admin or Mod is online and not busy at the moment it could take minutes. If no one is online, it could be as much as a few hours.
    Check your e-mail frequently. If your fiction is rejected you will receive an e-mail explaining why. If your fiction was accepted you will only receive an e-mail if the admin/mod needs to give you a warning. Sometimes warnings are given for minor mistakes that need to be corrected but are not severe enough to warrant rejection.
    Be sure to check the e-mail you listed in your profile when you signed up and don't forget to check your spam folder.
    Do not complain in the Schrei Box! Do not complain, badger, or pester the admins or mods to validate your story. They are working as fast as they can to review all submissions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

My fiction was rejected, now what?

Read your e-mail for an explanation of why your fiction was rejected.
If you are not sure what was wrong follow these steps:
    Read the rules again and make sure you were in compliance with them.
    Spell check and get a beta reader.
    Contact the Admin/Mod who rejected you fic and ask what was wrong.
Correct all the errors mentioned in the e-mail.
If a lot of your fiction is being rejected, please read our Guides on improving your writing.
When you've corrected all your errors then you can resubmit your story.
Do not complain in the Schrei Box! Please don't complain or argue about your fiction being rejected. If you disagree with your fiction being rejected please politely contact the admin or mod who rejected your story and talk to them about it.
Please do not re-submit your fanfic without correcting it. If you submit your fanfic repeatedly without corrections, it will just be deleted.