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Are you going to TH Summer Camp?06/11/1808/02/18
It's the end of the Dream Machine, what's next?04/26/1806/11/18
Tom's first Instagram post should be of:02/11/1804/26/18
For December we should have a:10/06/1712/01/17
What are you reading lately?06/28/1710/06/17
If you could choose the next TH music video it would be:04/29/1706/28/17
Are you going to see Tokio Hotel for their Dream Machine tour in 2017?11/08/1604/29/17
Does THF need the BotTom warning?09/28/1611/08/16
Which song from Bill's EP is your favorite?05/22/1609/28/16
Are you attending the BILLY art/EP debut listening party? 04/16/1605/22/16
Bill posts a lot on Instagram! What topic of his pics do you enjoy most?02/28/1604/16/16
What has been your favorite recent THTV episode?08/23/1502/28/16
Which social media (or method) do you use to follow THF updates?03/22/1508/23/15
Are you going to the "Feel It All - Club Experience Tour?"03/04/1503/22/15
Now it's been out a while, what's your favorite song from "Kings of Suburbia"?11/23/1403/04/15
Will you be writing for the new Your Own Spin Challenge?04/07/1411/23/14
What would make you want to visit THF more?03/30/1404/07/14
Are you planning to participate in the 2013 Secret Santa?09/29/1303/30/14
Everyone loves a good hairgate! Which of Bill's hairstyles do you love the most?08/06/1309/29/13
Which type of layout do you use the most?08/05/1208/02/13
What do you think of Bill's new look, with his lip and nose rings, skeleton hand tattoo, and blonde hair?03/10/1208/05/12
Do you like the BTK app?02/21/1203/10/12
What do you hope will happen in 2012?01/05/1202/21/12
What do you want for THFmas this year?12/05/1101/05/12
Are you excited about THF's BIG BANG fiction challenge?06/01/1111/12/11
To beard or not to beard, that is the question!04/29/1105/12/11
What do you do in the TH fandom?03/23/1104/29/11
Have you seen TH in concert?12/04/1003/23/11
Would it bother you if we deleted the "lefty" layout?11/28/1012/04/10
Are you enjoying the Fandom Remix fics?11/13/1011/28/10
Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up this year?10/28/1011/13/10
Twins moving to LA - Lke or Dislike?09/23/1010/28/10
How are the twins spending their 21st birthday?09/01/1009/08/10
Will you be participating in THF's Fandom Remix Challenge?!?08/24/1009/01/10
We have a lot of Justin Bieber ads on the website right now because they are the highest bidders for the adspace. Despite this, we've had a lot of complaints about the ad content. Would you like us to ban the Justin Bieber ads from the site?08/20/1008/24/10
Will you use the new "Fic Prompt" section on THF?08/05/1008/20/10
Are you excited about THF's prize drawings? 07/03/1007/25/10
Did your favorite challenge fic win?06/19/1007/03/10
Did you miss the poll?05/30/1006/19/10
What did you think of the THF Bieber Takeover?04/01/1005/05/10
What would you like most on THF next?03/22/1004/01/10
March is THF's third birthday! How should we celebrate?03/03/1003/22/10
Have you deleted any fics from THF because of the Paypal banning?03/01/1003/03/10
Have you experienced any site downtime since THF changed servers?01/27/1003/01/10
How did you cope while THF was down?01/14/1001/27/10
Do you like the layout centered?01/06/1001/14/10
What do you wish for the New Year?01/02/1001/06/10
Who's been the naughtiest this year and will get a lump of coal from Santa for Christmas?12/15/0901/02/10
All I want for Christmas is...11/28/0912/15/09
What was the best part about TH on the EMAs?11/05/0911/28/09
What is your favorite English song from the various Humanoid albums?10/08/0910/18/09
Are you freaking out over TH's new album Humanoid?!?!?!?10/04/0910/08/09
The muscles advertisements on the site are...10/02/0910/04/09
Like Bill's new hair?09/22/0910/02/09
Do you know what a Fandom Remix is?09/14/0909/22/09
What do you think so far of Tokio Hotel's new album? Snippets to each song in German and English are posted on Amazon.de!09/10/0909/14/09
Are you receiving email notifications? 08/30/0909/10/09
What do you think so far of TH's first single Automatic?08/18/0908/30/09
Do you like the "Who's Lurkin'" block on the website?08/07/0908/18/09
Does the website need more fan fic updates?!?08/04/0908/07/09
What do you think of Tokio Hotel's new album title, "Humanoid"?07/23/0908/04/09
Are you reading Tom's blog?07/07/0907/23/09
What do you think of the Tom/Chantelle situation?06/24/0907/07/09
What should the next fanfic challenge be on THF?05/23/0906/24/09
Would you like an extension past the 5-24-09 deadline for the first THF fan fic "Flip Flop" challenge?05/23/0905/23/09
Are you satisfied with the time it takes for submissions to be validated and posted on the website?05/06/0905/23/09
Are you satisfied with the time it takes for submissions to be validated and posted on the website?05/06/0905/06/09
Will you be participating in the first THF Official Challenge?04/11/0905/06/09
Are you excited for the Official THF Fan Fiction Challenges?03/27/0904/11/09
What do you think of the Author Spotlight?03/20/0903/27/09
It's been a week since we installed the "Tracked Stories" feature, how are you liking it now?03/08/0903/20/09
Do you like the new fic tracking system?03/01/0903/08/09
Would you be happy with a "fan fic tracking" feature as explained in the News Post?02/28/0903/01/09
We are planning on changing the site banner and colors in the next few days. If we make this change, would you like a skin option that uses the same colors and banner as the site uses now?02/11/0902/28/09
If the Live Help option was available more often, would you use this form of communication for asking questions instead of emailing the website?01/25/0902/11/09
Would you be interested in bringing back the Schrei Box on the front page temporarily for a rousing night of the THFiction games in January?!?12/19/0801/25/09
Do you visit THF using a proxy?12/17/0812/19/08
Who would you kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?12/12/0812/17/08
All I want for Christmas is...11/30/0812/12/08
Which layout do you use most often?11/02/0811/30/08
Rick Astley's never gonna...10/21/0811/02/08
Do we need a new layout?09/27/0810/21/08
Do your parents know that you write fan fic?09/15/0809/27/08
Should TH stay in America or go back to Germany?09/10/0809/15/08
How bummed are you about the Schrei Box closing?09/02/0809/10/08
How the hell are ya?!08/19/0809/02/08
How's your summer going?08/09/0808/19/08
The admins have been internetless for so long. Do you miss us?07/30/0808/09/08
Do you tend to read the Featured Fics once they're featured?07/23/0807/30/08
Would you be happier if the Schrei Box was moved to a different location on the site, instead of it being on the front page?07/03/0807/23/08
Would you like fan fic challenges on the site?06/29/0807/03/08
What is Bill's summer anthem?06/24/0806/29/08
What do you think we'll see this summer?06/18/0806/24/08
We've moved the fan art to its own website so the fan fic is easier to navigate.

Good move?!?
Are you excited about the option of FAN ART submissions on the site?!06/09/0806/09/08
Do you ever click the ads on the site?06/04/0806/09/08
Would you be sad if the Schrei Box was removed from the site?05/29/0806/04/08
Have you read the NEWS yet?05/28/0805/29/08
What was the real reason TH didn't perform at the Comet Awards?05/23/0805/28/08
Who will grope Bill at the Comet awards this Friday?05/22/0805/23/08
What is best?05/18/0805/22/08
Should drabbles (fan fics of exactly 100 words) be banned from the site?05/14/0805/18/08
What is your favorite type of fan fic?05/09/0805/14/08
Have you purchased the American version of Tokio Hotel's "Scream" album?!05/06/0805/09/08
What's your favorite new addition on the site?05/05/0805/06/08
Have you nominated your favorite fics in the Tokio Hotel Fan Fiction Awards yet?04/29/0805/05/08
Do you usually like the stories that are featured?04/27/0804/29/08
What is your default layout in your preferences?04/21/0804/27/08
Have you joined the MAILING LIST?04/16/0804/21/08
Which layout do you like best?04/14/0804/16/08
Do you like the new "Jelly" layout?04/09/0804/14/08
Do you think Bill has actually kept quiet this week?04/06/0804/09/08
How old are you?04/05/0804/06/08
Would you donate money to keep THFiction running?03/28/0804/05/08
What should THFICTION send Bill as a get well present?03/27/0803/28/08
Where do you read most of your TH fan fic?03/26/0803/27/08
Are you satisfied overall with the beta readers on this website?03/22/0803/26/08
What is the next big thing, fan fic-wise?03/21/0803/22/08
Bill Kaulitz lost his virginity...03/19/0803/21/08
Is fartis a cool, mysterious guy?03/16/0803/19/08
Go in the forum!03/15/0803/16/08
Is Andreas a bad guy (in fan fic)?03/15/0803/15/08
What is your favorite TH website?03/13/0803/15/08
Okay, on a more serious note, would you ever sleep with David Jost?03/11/0803/13/08
Is Bill REALLY gay?03/11/0803/11/08
Take the god damn poll in the Schrei Box, okay?!03/10/0803/11/08
Should THFiction get a new layout? 03/07/0803/10/08
When do you read fanfic?03/05/0803/07/08
What is the most underrated fan fic on the site?02/29/0803/05/08
Tell me, how am I supposed to breathe with no air?02/28/0802/29/08
Are you satisfied with the moderated submissions?02/24/0802/28/08
Hey Twincesters. Yeah, I'm talking to you! Who Bottoms?02/20/0802/24/08
If Bill was a film character, which disney princess would he be? 02/12/0802/20/08
Are you attending any of TH's North American concerts?02/06/0802/12/08
Which continent are you from?02/03/0802/06/08
Would you be interested in German, French, Italian, etc versions of the site where fan fic could be posted in different languages?01/28/0802/03/08
Will you be using the beta reader list on the page?01/26/0801/28/08
Are you ready for moderated submissions?01/24/0801/26/08
What's your new favorite genre of fic on thfiction?01/18/0801/24/08
What will the new year bring?01/02/0801/18/08
What would be a fun addition to the site?12/17/0701/02/08
What changes would you most like to see at THfiction?12/13/0712/17/07
How many licks does it take to get to the center of Bill's tootsie pop?12/10/0712/13/07
Now that Tom got his Escalade, what type of car should Bill ride?12/05/0712/10/07
What's your favorite pairing?12/03/0712/05/07
What should the "Shout Box" on the fiction site be officially named?11/29/0712/02/07
What's your favorite Bill hairstyle? 11/23/0711/29/07
What story should be featured next week?11/19/0711/22/07
What series are you most excited to see new chapters of?11/12/0711/19/07
How does Bushido feel about Bill?11/04/0711/11/07
What do you think of Tokio Hotel's newest single 1000 Meere?10/30/0711/04/07
Did you like Tokio Hotel's newest video "An Deiner Seite"?10/20/0710/30/07
Is Tom really a player, or is it all just talk?10/11/0710/20/07
Will Tokio Hotel find success in America?10/06/0710/11/07
Do you like Bill's new tattoo?09/29/0710/06/07
What is your favorite type of TH fan fiction?09/24/0709/29/07
Do you like the new layout?09/18/0709/24/07