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Disclaimer which applies to all my posted stories:

They are ALL a work of fiction. I in no way intend to insinuate, nor do I believe, that ANY of them actually happened, is likely to happen or should happen. They are simply pieces of written entertainment based on the public personas of those involved. I definitely do not own them nor have any copyright to any part of any of them. Finally, no benefit has been made or will ever be made from ANY of my works of fiction, besides the one which pleases my dirty mind.

You can also find me on LJ or ao3.
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Series by zombiejelly
Summary: Based on the "I'd Fuck me" someecard (for the 3rd Challnge). The twins make 'fucking themselves' possible & the things after that.
Parent Series: None
Categories: Slash
Characters: Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: First Time, Twincest
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: None
Warnings: Heavy Kink, Incest
Stories: 3
Open: Closed [Report This]