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WHATS UP??!!! How are you doing?! Decided to stop by I see. Well just a little infor about me...hmmm....well I LOVE Tokio Hotel obviously! I have a few stories I am very proud to claim as my own! My name is Kim and I am fifteen years old. Image Hosted by

Don't let my age get the better of you though! I know how to write! Beleive me! If you will read my stories you will know. I'm not into the sex scenes bt I will read them! I like a good story line! If the story line sucks then I will more than likely not read it. Summaries are what suck me in! If your summary sucks I more than likely will not get interested.

 Sorry thats just me! But um let me see....what else? Oh yeah! I do not like stroies where females are involved! I hate reading about girls! They all end the fucking same! All of them! Even though I am Bisexual I can't stand girls in movies, books, or anything like that! Oh and I hate character death!

Well Major character death anyways! They make me cry and I hate crying! I can take one or two but not alot of them! But um...let me think...I do happen to love Abuse and Rape!

Love it! Like alot! Or when one of the Twins are mean to the other! I also do not like the stroies where Bill is a stuck up little bitch! I hate that! However I do like for Tom to be an asshole! Just seems like him! But I like writing about them because they are fun to work with! I have recently found another band to equally love! Cinema Bizarre!

 OMG! I love them! Strify, Kiro, and Shin are just gorgeous! Bill and Strify make a lovely couple! You can read about Cinema Bizarre at they are new and low on peoples so like come and join the fun.

 I am known as StrifyxKiroFanGurl there. I have a few stories of my own and some I am helping a friend with. Her name on here is runningthroughthemonsoon. She got me started on Cinema Bizarre and helped me with mine on here so I ageed to help her out on hers. I think you would like it if you tried um out and joined their site! A few fun facts about me! yay!

~I love chocolate!

~I like to write

~I like to read.

~I have an awesome laptop! Acer!

~I have a kitten named Shin!

~I have a black weiner dog named Billa!

~I have a tattoo on my shoulder!

~I am not emo.

~I like eyeliner.

~I like to sing.

~I can speak a little German and learning French.

~I live with my deddy!

~I live in the boring state of Alabama.

~I would give anything to go to a concert!

~I am writing a book about two brothers falling in love!

Ok so those are a few fun facts about me! Hope you enjoyed your time here! Love all who love me!

This is Damien! - free image host This is Oliver! - free image host They are my characters and you will be seeing alot of them! YAY!
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Ok so this is just a bunch of stories featuring my two characters. Damein and Oliver! Yeah! Ok I was bored and so here is what happens when I get bored. I hope you like it if you don't then don't read I guess. I do take requests and there is no real plot to this series so yeah!


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