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I stumbled into this fandom last year, despite never wanting to. But I read a fic because of its interesting title over at AO3, and since I always had a thing for twincest, I was instantly hooked... xD

I'm German, even though I kinda missed the main hype around TH here. I remember my cousin being an enthusiastic fangirl (which is funny, because today she finds people like Bill "weird" and "strange" and wouldn't look at them twice), but it never really got to me though I didn't dislike the music...

I love a good twincest where Bill is not some damsel in distress, but Tom's equal and can stand his ground. I also like botTom or them switching at lot :D
Twincest (related or not, though I tend to like realistic 'real' twincest stories even better)is my OTP on here, and I hardly ever read (and pretty definitely won't write) anything else, though I love G&G undertones in twc fics ^^

I never thought I'd start writing, cause I've been reading slash fanfic for years and no other of my OTPs has ever pushed me to actually write AND publish anything, before o.O
What can I say, the Kaulitz twins are amazing xD

If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. I can't guarantee that I'll answer or that you'll like said answer, but it might be worth a try. ;)
Same goes for requests/prompts/plot bunnies you want to entrust me with. I'd feel honoured, but I can't promise that it's gonna be done anytime soon because university is kicking my ass a bit at the moment >.
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