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Real name: Zack
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I'm emo (ex-cutter, haven't done that in a while) and bi (mostly gay though). I'm not really eager to impart more then my favorite color (blue) so just enjoy my stories.

My Best-Friend for EVEA(!) is in a band (singer) so expect quite a few song fics based off songs you've never heard before ^^'

I'm an artist and a bit of a critique myself but after watching Ann dance and sing for almost as long as I've known her and ask my opinion... well yeah.

My favs and reviews will NOT be limited to one kind of band fic as neither will my writing.

Priorities, spoilers, and personal news feed below. Unless it says otherwise, expect all are slash. None of the included are oneshots.

Once In A Lust Moon(original)- Finished

Working on:
Runaway Bride- I have I think until the middle of the chapter after last written up but I'm sorta waiting on a beta reader to kick my a** some and tell me to get on the shtick. I have it all planned out but I'm sort of on the fence with this one. Hiatus.
By The Light Of a New Moon(Femmeslash)- All progress halted
Butterfly Butterfly (the Last Hurrah)- Temporarily Discontinued Indefinitely
A Rose For Emily (General, Oneshot)-Half way done, lowest priority
Cream Or Sugar (Oneshot Series)- #1-#11 Done, typing up the last one and then it is done!
Save Yourself- Based on a true story, I have started the planning process but I haven't really written anything yet. Want Beta Reader before I begin to post.

Story Status:
Runaway Bride- Not sure how I feel about this one any more. Hiatus indefinitely.

Most likely to start next:
Bound By Blood
Soccer Practice

Save the Last Dance
Giving Up The Ghost(femmeslash)
Self-Destruct Protocol
Ghosts in The Machine
Skeletons in the Closet
Anonymous Love (femmeslash)
Chemistry is Everything (femmeslash)
Ghost verses Wicca
Dating Online (femmeslash)
Vampire Hunter (femmeslash)
Soccer Practice (femmeslash)
His Girlfriend
Write Me A Letter
When All Else Fails (femmeslash)
Dark Side Of The Sun (femmeslash)
Once in a New Moon (femmeslash)
Living with the Contract
Bound by Blood
Unspoken Binds(?)
Don't Mess with the Witch
Ghosts to Haunt you With
Renovating With Ghosts
Painting with the Witch
Haunt Me Lovingly
Haunt Me If you Love Me
Visions in Retrospect
DJ with Me (femmeslash)
Uh-oh, boy-o!
Which one is me?
Seeing Double (Het)
Sparks Fly
Stay With Me
Bill's Girlfriend (series)
Learning from the Living (femmeslash horror)
Romeo + Juliet (modern)

No Names and Pairings:
Zombie Prompts
Ghost Hunter x Witch
Demon x Angel
Witch x Ghost
Vampire x Werewolf x Witch (feat. Adam Lambert)
Detective x Witch
Dragon x Warlock
Fairy Prince x Normal Kid

There are a few others not typed up.
Live Journal: crazywrit0r101
Deviant Art: BlackKingofNight
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