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Hey Everybody,

I'm a Tokio Hotel Fan since the very beginning and still enjoy the guys. I was never somebody to scream hysterically for them or chase them across the parking lot (what might have been a funny sight with my superior 5 feet), I rather enjoy them in concert, on TokioHotelTv or read about them in FFs^^

I've been writing a few FFs already but all of them on a German website, but since this board here is just heaven for little FF addicts like me, I couldn't resist to try writing in english.

My weak spot is Fantasy and Paranormal so I guess if I post some fics for real, they will be rather dark, romantic maybe but I don't make it easy for my characters .... Somehow there is always a dead body hiding in the closet or the tree, I can't help it o.o
Of course cracking a joke somewhere (if lame or not xD)might be there as well!

Anyway I read a lot of different fics as long as they are written well. The genre doesn't matter too much to me^^ I have to admit that I need to work on Reviews, but mostly I say hi once or twice if the Story is not too old.

My favorite pairings are BillxTom and also TomxGeorg
Twitter: Rynnara
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