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My name is Ashli Siler and I'm from the Philippines. I'm currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts. I draw and write during my free time. I listen to almost all music genres, but I especially like electronic, psychedelic, punk rock to metal. I like RnB and acoustic the least. I'm a Bill girl (yay~! *w*) but sometimes I like Georg too. And Tom and Gustav. Nooooo- I love everyone in the band!!! I think there's nothing wrong with relationships with a bit of age difference. Bill is 24, I'm 17... Nothing wrong with that right? LOL I love reading slash, especially TWC and Torg, but I like het too.  And these are some of my artworks :)


 photo cephi_zpsbd0f0d9b.jpgPhotobucket I make banners for your stories! please contact me @ if you're interested :3 These are banners requested by Aquatic Sunshine and dailytokiohotel for their own fictions. Cyan Conch: Banner for Aquatic Sunshine's fanfiction Photobucket

Me, Myself, and My Child by dailytokiohotel photo Deanne_zps581938df.jpg

Twitter: Ashli Siler
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