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The 5 Most Important Questions You Will Ever Be Asked: Who, What, When Where, and Why?

Who: imma spontaneous, insomniatic, misunderstood bitch, tht duznt give a damn what anyone thinx_nd if u have a problem with that: then u can shove it in ur juicebox: and suk it!!! LMAO: but really, im a HUGE ToHo fan, (who's primarily in love with Tom) i live in Cali, absolutely LUV music (especially Tokio Hotel) and i find writing to be a therapeutic way of expressing my self (but i love acting more), I love twincest and Slash fics but i stick to writing Het because I can't write Twincest or Slash to save my life...

What: ^all of the above^

When: i first heard Tokio Hotel on May 25, 2009

Where: i was in a rehabilitation center...i had been depressed for awhile; which had led to cutting and several suicide attempts. After finally being honest about my desire to die, i was sent to a mental hospital/rehab facility. Because we weren't allowed to go outside we mainly stayed in a rec room where the TV was always on, and usually playing on a music channel. By the third day of being there; I'd had enough. I wanted to go home and kill myself for good. It happened that before my final evaluation "Dont Jump" started playing...I know alot of people say that something 'saved their life' but they dont really mean it; it's a metaphor. Tokio Hotel really did Save My Life: here's to you, boys!

Why: everyone of TH's songs holds meaning and a special place in somebody's heart, and it's rare to find a natural formed band that creates music as poetic and honest as they do.

P.S: im also a part time beta, so if you need an emergency revision: im right here and up at all hours of the night :-)
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