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Well hello there, darling. Nice to meet you. I do like your hat - that pineapple really sets it off nicely. You must tell me where you bought it from. Do keep in touch, won't you?

Alright, now I have established myself as a sufficiently eccentric sort of person I feel it is only fair to tell you that I suffer from random bursts of madness that will invariably extend itself to whichever fictions I happen to be writing. I am also an incredibly posh Englishwoman, with a great fondness for stereotypically English things like tea and biscuits, and Elevenses.

I am fully of the belief that it is, in fact, Gustav who does all of the work in Tokio Hotel, and that he is perfectly happy to sit back and let the twins take the credit whilst secretly plotting the downfall of the world.

Current Stories:

"Sleeping With Ghosts."
Posted, although not finished. If you have nothing better to do than check out my profile I am sure you have time to read it.

"'Tis Pity He's A Whore."
Searching for a banner artist - apply here.

"The Occasional Conspiracy."
Still very much in the concept stage, and really only in my bio to remind me to write it soon.

I really must be off now but I remain, dear friends, affectionately yours.

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