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I'm an older TH fan hence the profile name. My old THF name was Ms Maril. I've been a fan for 8 years and finally saw TH in Vegas in 2015. I met a lot of wonderful Aliens some of who are also writers on here. Feel free to ask me anything you want. I'm open and very non-judgmental.

I'm also willing to beta as long as you guarantee you'll finish the story! I'd also like to find someone to do banners for me for my future stories. Happy reading! :)
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Series by THMom
Summary: Emily is handed the keys to the kingdom but it could make, or break, her chosen career. Will she be able to find the answers to all the questions she has floating around in her mind? Will Bushido and Bill learn to trust her enough to share secrets? Come along on the journey and find out perhaps more than you want to about the two men.
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Categories: Slash
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Genre: PWP/Lemon
Main Pairing: Bill/Bushido
Side Pairing: None
Warnings: Adult Content
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Summary: Well since Iím in a writing slump and Tokio Hotel Official is closing, Iíve decided to put up a series of one shot requests I wrote for members of THO. Maybe theyíll live on in perpetuity after Iíve passed on. LOL Hope you enjoy. Mrn
Parent Series: None
Categories: Het, General
Characters: Bill Kaulitz, David Jost, Georg Listing, Gordon Trumper, Gustav Schafer, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Simone Trumper, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Crack, Drama, Fantasy, High School, Horror, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, PWP/Lemon, Romance, Song Fic
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