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I'm a highschool girl in love with everything Tokio Hotel.
Specifically Bill Kaulitz.
Been a fan of Tokio Hotel for about 4 years now.
Tokio Hotel inspire me to do everything I do and there songs always help me out in a tough time.
Tokio Hotel is honestly one of the few things in life that bring me happiness.
My one wish in life before I die is to talk to Bill even if it's just for a couple of minutes :)
I live in Canada.
I like to sing. a lot.
My fave Tokio Hotel song depends on my mood. Today it's In Your Shadow, I guess.
I have always been a fan of reading the fics but lately I decided to try and write my own.
I like reading fics featuring the twins better, but I have nothing against other fics. Lately I've been getting into some Billshido.
I'm a sucker for happy endings so that's what my stories are gonna mostly end up having :P
I'm trying to teach myself German :)
I love the Tokio Hotel with all my heart, mess with them and I'll will mess you up ;)

*Forgive me for late updates on stories. Real life just gets in the way sometimes :/
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