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Hi! I'm thea. I never know what to say in a bio, so here's some random facts bout meh........
I love Tokio Hotel...insanely. I quote from somewhere (not quite sure exactly where) "Tokio Hotel isn't my life, but it's definetly up there with oxygen."
I love Tom's Signature DuckieWaddle.
I play piano, guitar, and flute.
I live on a little itty-bitty island off the coast of Rhode Island.
I have long dirty blonde hair, am 5'5....
I like Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, 3 Days Grace, Fleetwood's goes on forever, really.

I love my shrei box girlies to death. They are mah blood.

Julia- You are freaking awesome. I love your emo bangs, your violin playing, and I adore you gourgous rock.

Mykaila- Mykaila is the f-ing KILLA!!!!! xD My best friend is her gay-boyfriend, so I guess that makes us sorta-sister-in-laws, rite? :)

Amyjean- You are so fun! Your a beloved boxie-girly and I love ya. :)

Jean- Jean is the sweetest!!! AND OH YEEEUHH........JEAN IS FUNNY. *winkwink*

Intrigue/Kyrs- I love your hair, fic suggestions, and your super-niceness!!! Lucas loves you too.

Izzy- Oh Izzy.....where do I start with YOU...*waggles finger*......let's just say, if we lived closer, I would gladly find someone to tie you up. ;)

Mort/Chealsea/Kaulitz- Chels, you are awesome. Super frigging awesome. You give me great advice, great support, and a firm talking to when I need it. (thank god) you brighten my day, and make me smile, thank you!!! :)

Misa- The hilarious Misa Sugaaaaa. I loves her. PLUS, I re-read all her stories ALL THE TIME. Her writing is sooo great. Thank you for being a writer, Misa.

Remus- REEEEMUUUUUSSS!!!!!!!!!! She has cool posters in her room, has a sparkly hat, and an adorable baby, therefore, SHE RULES.

Pickle: PICKLLLEEE!!!! *fangirl glomp* I think we would be awesome friends in real life. Or I can devote my life to the boxie....oh, wait....toooo late.....

TSOA- I love you in your hairdresser/one-eyed-sunglasses/ TSOA way. I am ALSO OBSESSSSEEEDDD WITH YOUR FICS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a TSOA fangirl, that's for sure.

Squishy/Ashy/Duckie- One of my beloved Shrei girlies, you've saved me when I need someone to call and rant about sugarhighs, or when I'm at Walmart and creepy people are looking at me. Oh, and Bill's epic awkward flailing, and ANDY SIXX, bitches!!!

Okaies, if I missed anyone, PLEASE TELL ME!! I love getting email, too. Shoot me one at
(we can be email-buddies!! *squeals* *glomps* *overreacts* *falls down* *flails on ground*)

Love you all,
p.s. Lucas uses my account with me. We share it. If he adds something to the bio, he will probably sign it as him being there and stuff. :)
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