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Real name: Jules
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Note: As of 5/29/12, I am back and ready to go! Feel free to follow me over on Facebook under Tragic Jules :D...Love, Jules

Not a whole lot to say here, as usual. I have a hard time discussing myself in these bio thingies. So I will insert a few facts about me:

-I'm old. (you'll probably argue with me if you find out exactly my age.)

-I love cherry chapstick. It's a must have.

-I have a 'thing' for glitter and hair stuffs.

-I am a certified "Hair Ho."

-I am terrified of zombies. And we don't talk about it.

-I absolutely cannot live without Diet Mt.Dew...

And that is all...(anything else you want/need to know- you can find me at all these linky-type things below!!)

MSN IM: MSN IM blacksparklynailpolish84 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
Yahoo IM: julie_ju_84
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