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For anyone who might see this--
For a long time I didn't want to admit it, but I feel bad for anyone who might actually be waiting so let me just say it now. I'm on a hiatus of sorts. I don't know how long it will last, and I really don't want to be because I love writing TH fanfiction, but I've been dragged back into one of my old fandoms and even though I don't even write fanfiction for it, it's keeping me from being able to write and update here as much as I want to.
I still see the reviews anyone might leave on current stories, and of course I'm always happy to read them and when I can respond to them too. But I'll finally say it now, that many of my stories will probably not be updated for a long time, or if they are then it will happen very, very slowly.
So, just putting this out there for anyone who cares or is waiting for updates on one of my WIPs or my Simply Disastrous series. Sorry, sorry. Like I said, I do still love writing TH and really want to come back and do just that, but it might happen very slowly. I still log on once in a while to respond to reviews and check a few updates from others, but my own are on a semi hiatus of sorts. >.>

xx maggie


The name is maggie.
I like music, hide of X JAPAN, World of Warcraft, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, bright colors, candy, dolls, Starbucks, and emoticons. :)

For fic updates/statuses, check my twitter.
To speak with or ask something to one of my fic characters (or myself ;P), go to my formspring.

This is my writing account; I have another with which I leave reviews.


[ Translated Fics ]
For any fic translators out there who read and enjoy my fics, I'd love for my babies to be translated into other languages so many others can read them as well. Just send me an email if you're interested in doing so. :3 Please don't translate anything without permission!! >.>

Thanks to Analif: A Beautiful Disaster in Spanish here, here, & here. Also, The Real Disaster in Spanish here!
Thanks to Eilan: A Beautiful Disaster in French here, here, & here.
Thanks to Chocoholic: A Beautiful Disaster in Dutch here.
Thanks to TOMatik: A Beautiful Disaster in Russian here and here.
Thanks to Inezzitta: Tomi 1/2 in Spanish here.


And this is from my awesome hot cocoa scented GaGa. 8)

Thank you so much, bb!! Love you lots!! :) :)


Thank you!!

Thank you!!

(on The Real Disaster)
Thank you!!

Twitter: xblindmag
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