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    As of now, All my stories will be temporarly On Hiatus, as I have moved to Germany to work and have literally NO time to just sit down and breathe. I have 3 kids to care for, all needing constant care 24/7, and by the time my day is over and the kids are in bed I am about ready to colapse. So, I am sorry that my wonderful, faithful readers will have to wait a very long time for me to continue my stories again, but (without meaning to sound like an absolute bitch here) my life outside the internet is more important and demanding.

On a plus note, Since my laptop decided to break and I became bankrupt, I bought a book to continue writing my stories and to write some more. Not gonna lie, I may also re-write 'RM?' as, looking back, I wrote like shit back then. Though tbf I didn't know how to use the site and stuff, but still. Possible re-write :)


My job contract ends in July 2011, so I'm going to give you a realistic idea of when I might continue my stories and not promise updates soon and break those promises. And that would be around the end of July 2011. Though I am not completely ruling out possible oppertunities should they arise.

Many Apologies to my wonderful readers <3  



About Me: 


I have 2 extra ribs. ONE MORE THAN MEN - I OUT - MAN MEN!!! 

My career aspirations consist of a high-class Strip Club in Hamburg. I'd rather be the owner than a worker but come what may.

I get mistaken for being Lebanese a lot. And I am a genuine  Londoner, through and through. Since like, pillaging Viking times.

I hate any hair below the eyebrows on my Men. Waxed legs FTW <3


Total Fag hag and PROUD.

I despise Citrus fruit, bananas, and apples, and I am allergic to Ginger, mosquito's and water. No joke, I am allergic to water. But I love swimming and showering and shit. So I deal with the insanely painful hives I get from water cos I swear I should have been born a fish. 

 I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa since the age of 13 to 16. I had another relapse in Spring 2010. 

I have a phobia of lifts due to childhood events, and once broke my friends nose in an attempt to free myself of the lift. They thought I was joking. I felt a little bad. Just a little. 

I will read anything.Actually, I lie. I wont read Het. I don't know why - it just isn't for me. 

Fave pairing? Tom/ Bill. I hate BotTom fics. I dont mind a side pairing of Billshido, Torg, the G's, or Bill/Andi. 

I don't really write. I'm more of a reader. And RPing isn't really for me. If it's NC17, It's kinda like having cyber sex with someone. well for me anyways. 


Did I mention I think I'm mad? 

MSN IM: MSN IM xx_foxy_x [AT] hotmail [DOT] co [DOT] uk
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