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You don't get my real name, you get my pen name! Which is Talya Firedancer, known as tay to my friends.

I've been writing yaoi/slash fiction since about 1998, or as my LJ subtitle puts it, "Bringing you the male objectification through erotica since 1998." I've always been into music, but not really into bandom. Then I found the Kaulitz twins. Uh, I mean Tokio Hotel!

I've never been able to resist twins.

Basically I'm into Tom/Bill and not much else at this time. Either of the boys in another pairing as side pairing is okay, so long as Tom/Bill is the main event. Because I'm a dirty, diehard twincester I prefer the twc to the twc - not related but hey, as long as they're together I'm happy. Also, G&G subtext is love.

Turn-ons: OMG twins, a well-turned phrase, happy endings, boys being boys, in-character (as much as anyone can manage that), fanart and reviews, buttsex. Will try (almost) anything once.

Turn-offs: rape, death fic, excessive amounts of angst that never lead anywhere good, ooc, cheating fics, and poor use of spelling and grammar.

Stories I am working on right now in order of priority are:
- We Go Together, Year Seven
- Georg FQF story

The Blue of Desire has been translated into French by Chachouille and is being translated into German by Juli93, and has been translated into Spanish by Silvia and I'm incredibly honored. :) The Christmas Package has been translated into French by Sopi. Heart and Soul has been translated into French by Unleashed (Océane).

Signal to Noise has been translated into Russian by Aulularia. It's my baby and I'm thrilled to get recognition from Russian fans! :) Also, Sauce for the Gander has been translated into Russian here.

Additionally, For Tonight Let's Be Lovers is being translated into French by Sopi and At Sea For You is being translated into French by Kiki.

I talk about fandom stuff on my LJ and my twitter, which is bounddreamer.

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