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Real name: Mary Ann
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I have been a very loyal member of this site for a very long time. I remember when there were only 600 members. Now its unbelievable how many people and writers we have on this site. Makes me so happy to be apart of this group.

I am 24, I am a lesbian. I do not have a typical 9-5 job. I live in Orlando, Florida. I have 13 piercings and 18 tattoos. That included a Tokio Hotel tattoo. I do makeup for a living. I write in the Gallavich(Shameless) fandom and the Evak(Skam) fandom on Archive of our Own. I get random spurs of inspiration. I don't post much anymore. I might start again soon though. Thats me. :D I love all my readers. They make me soooo happy.

Feel free to email me anytime. I love talking and do take requests. Just provide a plot and what you want to happen.

*******(I do write sex scenes for the challenged so if you need help feel free to ask away)*******

And A Vampires Love Is The Sweetest was Translated to French by sekaiblut hehe and posted with permission of course. :)

*Updated Friday 05/12/2017*
MSN IM: MSN IM nds291 [AT] msn [DOT] com
Instagram: missmarymakeup
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