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My Name: Alice, Alcie, Ali, Ali, Anony, Nony, AnonyMouse, Tomi, Billa, Kay, Kaka, Aloice, KrioAnony, MalfoyAnony, Malfoy

My Age: 20

My Home: Currently located in my uncle's basement.

About Me: I finally have a job and my non-existent life revolves around writing. :3

You can't go to Pigfarts. It's on Mars!
-Malfoy "A Very Potter Musial"

Id just like to take the time to thank anyone whos supported me by reading and/or reviewing my stories. I love getting new reviews. It completely makes my day to see new reviews. I dont always have the time to reply to every review, but I DO read every single one and appreciate them all.

GUESS WHO'S AWESOME?! Me! Duh, gosh. -rolls eyes- -smiles- LOL, just kidding! "I Less than Three You" was FEATURED!? Thanks so much for that, everyone. It means a lot, like you've no idea. So many many thanks to anyone who tried to get it featured, read it and/or reviewed it, and just anyone who reads anything of mine! And now I've been spotlighted. -blushes- Thanks so much guys. It means a lot to me. :D

Add me on MSN if you want to talk! I like getting to know new people! ^^

Questions/comments about my banners or stories? Have a story request? Want to translate something? ANYTHING story related, contact me at:

Okay, so I know I get a lot of stories going, and at times they disappear. Blame that on "Bob", my muse. I can't ever control how he's going to work. Sometimes, he propels me right through a story from beginning to end. Other times, he decides to just give up half way through and never want to work on that story again. I apologize for it, but it is what it is. I will never, ever force out a story just to please you guys if my muse just absolutely refuses to work. Because then I feel like shit for writing a shitty story. Most of the time, I'm not honestly happy with what I've written; but if I really just hate it... I'm sorry, but that update will be rewritten time and time again and will not be seen until I am at least somewhat happy with it.

As of October 6th, 2010, I'm putting most of my focus on "Bill and Tom's ABC's", "3010", "King of the Damned", "Five Hours", and various one shots.


Synnie (Squishy): My wifey, Squishy. Also, mein Geo!

Misery (Billa)- She's the Johanna to my LarkAngel, the Lyric to my Axel, the Billa to my Tomi! We were wed in a chatzy in front of a lot of people. Twas totally awesome! -throws glitter- ^^
Lady Tiadalma (Chicken Noodle): My other wifey! Whoot for polygamy! Also, mein Gusti!

Billa_Loves_Skittles (CAPSLOCK/Tomi): Mein husband, aka, mein Tomi -cuddlesandgivesgoodsexto-

lilkim (Kai)- MY ZWEILLING! Ich liebe her so much! She's pretty new to the site, but ya'll have me to thank for her being here. -bows- :D

RAWR_dino (Vi)- my sista from a different state! Also known as snotface and snotseat to me and Mis.

Toki (Ditzy) I forgot what I was going to say My newest wifey!

SimplyMe (Rachy-Rach) The newest member to my family! I can talk to her about anything and everything! We support each other and can talk for hours! -squishes-

IzzyKaulitz (Green Skittle) IZZY! mein Schreibox/MSN tacklehugging friend/family! We go through Schreibox withrdrawls together when it's down. And sob to each other over saddness!

Ascuba (Hunni)- My soul twin's wifey and the one I go to for giggles and fluff when I feel terrible! XD

ImUrGirl (BABY!!!)- Her name says it all, she's the baby and we love her bunches and bunches!

ferrynofwinter (CarlosStrify)- We met when she offered to make me and Vi a video for our story "Blood Friend" and now she's my CarlosStrify.

KT (KT!!!)- She rapes, pillages, and attacks (also known as betaing) my stories when I ask her to and I love her to bits. There are no words. ^^

TragicStateofAffairs (TSOA/Lumi!!!)- My LumiLiebe. She's always there when I need someone to talk to and I luff her bunches. Always tagging me in her photos of Bill 8D

And for these guys, I feel so terribly sorry for I've forgotten their THF screennames D: We have:

My YuSkip, Mort, Miyavi, Geckt, and Hyde!!!! I luff you guys bunches and bunches. But my mind lost your THF names. -_-' Forgive me?


Amazing banner made for me by: neko-kaulitz

beautiful banner made my my wifey, synnie

Do NOT use the banners from any of my stories (I've made them all, unless it otherwise states) for messenger display pictures, in forum signatures, etc. without having gotten my permission. Also, do not use quotes from my stories in your signatures, on graphics, etc. without permission! If you see anyone doing this please notify me immediately with who it is, where the offense is happening, etc. Thanks.

Short people unite to kick
tall people in the shins!

Paste into your bio if your younger sibling
is taller than you!

The SWEETEST Video Ever


MSN IM: MSN IM giraffemobile [AT] live [DOT] com
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