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I like pretending to be cool. :3

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Me and IzzyKaulitz at Anime Boston. I'm the one on top(in the maid uniform).

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I put Bill in a dress and ISN'T HE PRETTY? ^_^
Tom and Bill Kaulitz
see more Lol Celebs
LOLZ. I love the boys, but I LOL hard at that. And if you can't laugh at it too, you are either inhuman, have little sense of humor, or are way too serious about your career as a fangirl. XD

My twitter is MisaSugar, and yes, I do talk about what I'm working on there, SO, if you wanna know what's getting updated before everyone else knows, then I suggest you add me there! XD

My muses also have a twitter, MisasMuses. Want to talk to SluttyBill from SMRM, Kaulitz from Vicious, or Beel from A Universal Language? Tweet to them there! They will tweet you back!!! XD

I have a minor addiction to AbusiveBill stories, and a major addiction to teacher/student pairings, and a minor addiction to slightly disturbing age gaps between characters in a pairing. XD I like reading kinky shit, imaginarynumbers is my idol, and Dichotomize is my favorite story evar. (I miss it so much. No story will ever take its place in my heart. ;_; *plants flowers on its grave*) I can read anything if it's Tom/Bill, no warning can scare me off. Cannibalism, watersport, enema, torture, sex worms, I can take anything you throw at me. XD

The Destruction of Something Beautiful is a truly awesome fic written by miki-chan, and everyone should read it. Unless they can't stomach violence and torture and stuff.

And even if they can't, they should read it anyway. @_@ It's fantastic, and definitely a favorite of mine.

I also like Bill/Random JRock Artist. XD There are not enough of these. I'm waiting on Alvasonda's 'Selfish Love'. Bill/Miyavi AND Bill/Gackt?!?! How can I resist?! Sadly, she only updates it about once a year. XD (Not like I can talk, though)

I rarely EVER read popular authors, because I have an irrational fear of them. I always think they know I'm reading their story and they disapprove of me doing so because I think everyone either hates me or thinks I'm a joke. o.O I don't know how this makes sense, but my mind rationalizes it. Consequently if you mention something from a fic written by cynical_terror, undrockroll, fyredancer, Cinematics, Majestrix, etc, I will have no bloody clue what you're talking about. :D

This does not apply to all popular authors. If I know them online, then I know they don't hate me and am more likely to read their stuff. And some I just read because I've gotten used to them somehow, either before I knew they were popular or because they had something WAY too awesome to let my fear stop me from reading. These include imaginarynumbers (DUH), Alvasonda(JRock fic and teacher/student fic! :o), Gaja (The only person I've met on THF who knows Fatal Frame :'D), tomgasm (DESERT EAGLES AND HORSE PORN FTW), firelucy, emseviltwin (but only oneshots), xJellyRollx (I LOVE YOU, GIRL XD) etc. :'D

Sometimes even if they're my friends I can't do it. I'm friends with both BrokenMirror and Ghostie and I still can't make myself read #815 or SCN11B. XD One day!

I love it when people use my name when sending me reviews. Addressing me directly makes me feel loved. :D

Contrary to what some people think, I am not a good writer. XD My stories are nonsensical and illogical, I can spout philosophical bullshit for an entire chapter (or an entire fic. XD) and can't write sex to save my life.

Despite this, I have (now had, Vicious slid off due to lack of updates) 2 stories on the Top Ten Tracked. I suspect that my stories are just so convoluted, people can't help but want to know how the fuck I'm going to pull the whole thing off. XD

I work on my MacBook Pro, which is named Diva. (He's gay with my flashdrive) He likes living up to his name by not connecting to the wifi unless he is positioned perfectly, and going to sleep and refusing to wake up, causing me to lose all my unsaved data. (I lost a whole chapter of SMRM to that.) But he's still my baby. *snuggleloves* I love you, baby~ *kisses*

I rarely update, and this is my major failing. I've been unmotivated lately, but there are still people out there who remember when I was posting 4 chapters a day. I'm hoping I can regain a little bit of that energy again soon.

I don't mind people copying my story ideas, which happens fairly often, so long as they give credit to the original in the story notes. The only exception to this rule is Meat House. If you copy Meat House, I will insist you take it down as soon as I find out about it. Meat House is one-of-a-kind, so we'll know it's a copy if we see anything similar. Why is Meat House special? Because I had the idea for it over a decade ago, when I was about 7 or 8. (Yes, I was a very twisted kid) Because it's been with me for so long, I am terribly attached to it. It's very personal to me, and copying it will not be tolerated for this reason. ^^ I trust you understand.

I love the thing xJellyRollx had on her profile so I'm using it on mine too. :P Here it is:


Featured Fic :
Jelly has one of these, I don't, so this is blank. XD

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Seduce Me, Resist Me

Misa's personal favorites:
Meat House
Love Like The Rain

Deleted Fics
Dare You
Schrei and Prejudice
Desejo *plants flowers on its grave*

Desejo *deleted*
Love Like The Rain
Never Dies The Dream
Fly On The Wall

Highest Priority Fics (aka, you might see an update for one of these soon):
Seduce Me, Resist Me
Meat House
My Swift Revenge
One Hundred Eleven Short Of Heaven

Abandoned Fics:
Agent Provocateur
Mercy for Angels
Prima Donna
Tom's REAL Blog

Coauthored Fics:
Agent Provocateur: parallelheartz
Fetish: RetteLeana, imaginarynumbers
Meat House: imaginarynumbers
Saving Grace: IzzyKaulitz
Tom's REAL Blog: jillian

Fics I'm Adopting At Request Of The Author:
Ballerina by jillian

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