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About me:
- Loves fantasy/adventure stories since I was a kid. Blame anime and Final Fantasy:P
- A blabbermouth with reviews when I super dig the story and super love the author:D
- A perv who loves smut. Smut. Smut. I worship Fyredancer for writing sooooo much delicious porn stuff here..XD
- Loves black. And crosses. And puppies. Plus pizza, pasta, garlic bread.
- Llandscapes of nature and places. Autumn season. Sunset. Brown, orange, red hues...
- Writes on a notebook. I prefer writing w/pen and paper first.
- Has written fantasy/adventure fics when I was younger. None of them are complete though. I also wrote a Nodame Cantabile fic but not gonna post it anywhere hahaha it's that horrible..XD
- Awkward, shy, weird in RL...
- Is into arts stuff. I Like to draw. Pretty average skills though:P I paint a little too. And graphic arts and design is what I do for freelance:)

- I prefer reading Slash and Femmeslash. I don't like Het when it comes to ToHo. I can only stand HET if there's a Genderswap with one of the twins.
- I mostly read anything that is Tom/Bill as the main pairing. Nothing else. Aside for the veeeeerrry few Torg and Biorg fics out there. I just don't feel other pairings.
- I'm a sucker for fluff and romance fics. I dig period piece fics and fantasy, paranormal fics too. I kinda like reading Mpreg - I know it doesn't happen in everyday life. It's not impossible though. Veeeeeerrry rare, but probable. I just love kids, that's all. And daddy!Tow and daddy!Biw are just adorable I don't think I can resist that:)
- I super dig botTom fics (torg and tom/bill only). THF needs more botTom fics like it's major business. Lol. This is Gaja's fault. Her Basai series seriously got me addicted to Tom taking it up the ass..XD
- Stays away from: Blood, gore, torture, major character deaths, water sport (I super hate this), necrophilia... And. Pedophilia - unless it's a Tom/Bill. Again. Usually I can stand to read anything because of the twins as main pairing but I do avoid the mentioned above as much as possible. I have a weak stomache, and a bit soft, emotional heart.
- Cannot tolerate: Billshido. I just don't like it. *squirms* Bushido gives me the creeps...T.T Can't read Tom/Sammy either (sorry, Sammy)


MUSIC OF MY HEART - Currently on hiatus. I'm sorry I'm lacking inspiration on how to continue this fic atm. No matter how hard I tried to think and try to write something on my notebook, nothing comes up..D: Help, maybe?
WHEEL OF LOVE - Completed.^^

NOTICE I'm really sorry for not updating for so long:( I just have to deal with so many stuffs in RL and I couldn't bring myself to write anything decent. Sorry for the super slow updates!T__T

My Live Journal - Feel free to add me:D I swear I don't bite:)

Feel free to send me a messag thru email too for questions or whatever:D Just mention you're from THF though;)
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