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I MAKE BANNERS (I'm in the banner shop)

e-mail me at

Characters(You want in your banner):
*OFC/OMC appearance:
Mood of Story:
Back ground (optional):

*** For an OMC or OFC, you have options.
1. I can find you a picture, if you give me a description of how they look
2. You can give me a link to a picture (must be at least 300px by 300px if it is shoulders up. At least 800x800 if not a portrait shot. Must be a high quality photo)
3. You can give me a Name (please note, if this is for a OFC or OMC, and not a celebrity, don't use your own picture: it's very tacky. I can easily find you someone who looks similar to you or your character.)

Banners can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on how busy I am in my life. I am very busy most of the time, so be patient. If you need it by a certain time, you have to tell me so that I can start right away.

You must credit me in your summary, it's only fair. This is what you copy and paste into the summary of your story:
<a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size:16px!important;color:#FF0099!important;font-family:Times New Roman;text-decoration:blink!important">paramouric</a>

I also write summaries. I you are interested, please send me the some text, and what you have planned for the story. This does not have to be formal or extremely descriptive. I will need character's thoughts/ emotions summarized. Please include plot points. Don't give me the full story, I'm not going to read it. Summarize it.


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