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# 815 by BrokenMirror       

Rated: NC17 | Reviews - 4609 | |
Summary: Past Featured Story
“… He doesn’t know about 815," Georg stated in disbelief. “What person who studies to be a cop doesn’t know about prisoner 815?”

Categories: Slash
Characters: Andreas, Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gordon Trumper, Gustav Schafer, Jrg, Original Female Character, Simone Trumper, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Suspense, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: Bill/Andreas, Bill/OFC
Warnings: Abuse, Adult Content, Blood, Violence
Chapters: 47 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 196651 Read Count: 322454
[Report This] Published: 07/21/08 Updated: 06/04/13
Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 10/07/13 Title: Chapter 1: The Newcomers

I don't know why I lost track of this story, but I did, and it wasn't until I saw someone post the last chapter on a German website that I found out you finished it. I re-read the entire story in English today.

I cried reading the last chapter, couldn't believe you were actually going to let him die - and then you didn't, and I cried more.

I have read so many fanfics that I'd started to believe I'd read them all, that I know the stories, been there, done that, but I have never read anything like yours. Nothing quite as dark and haunting and painful and yet so full of love. A couple of fanfics I read were so good I occasionally still think about them, but there has only ever been one before that has made me cry actual tears, so please know you are definitely in my top three (and I can read Dutch, English and German, so believe me when I say I've read A LOT).

What I've always liked about this story is this ambiguity about Bill's being guilty or not. You could say he's somewhat guilty, and then you could argue it's not his fault for having been raised like that, and it just shows how these things are not black & white at all, and how hard it is to come to the right conclusion in a court of law. And you haven't judged, you've just written it and left it up to the readers to decide whether or not they think it's fair.

As for me, I agree with the temporary insanity and I don't think Bill deserved to die, so I'm really happy he didn't. And you made them go to Tokio, didn't you? You mentioned they were hearing Japanese, it made me smile.

That's another thing. There were always things that made me smile, no matter how dark your story was. The snarky comebacks, the cuteness, Georg's way of thinking. You juggled the darkness and the light very well.

Another thing I liked - I'm just going to keep rambling about this, excuse me - is the way you made your chapters, with the little conversation flashbacks and especially the way you put in the Yin&Yang explanation with that last sentence that just punched me in the face. You didn't just come up with a brilliant story, you also TOLD it brilliantly, and that's something I miss in a lot of stories. As in, people are creative and have great ideas, but they don't know how to put these into words or how to structure their story so it's always interesting and fresh and new. You do.

Last thing I'm gonna say is I like how everything seems to serve a purpose in your story. There isn't a sentence out of place, all the things they say and do have some meaning and contribute to the story, even the actions and words I didn't agree with (like Tom leaving - I didn't want him to, I knew it'd be a bad idea, but in the story, it made perfect sense, and his leaving pushed the story forward as well).

So, yeah.
This is a very long and somewhat rambly review, but I just wanted to let you know I won't ever forget I've read this, and thank you for writing (and finishing!) this masterpiece.

Author's Response: Oh wow, I don\'t know how I will be able to form a coherent response to this. But I just have to say I\'m glad you found this story again and decided to re-read everything, and I\'m even happier that you liked it so much.

About Bill\'s ambiguity, yes, I was trying to create something like that. I\'m relieved nothing came out as judgy, because I can\'t stand it when stories do that and I never intended this to have anything judging in it.

Yes, they are indeed in Tokyo! Glad you picked up on that, I should probably have hinted more clearly at it since people have asked me where they went.Also don\'t worry about \"rambling\", I love reading these reviews even though I have no idea what to reply to them other than \'thank you, I want to go hide under my bed now\'. What you said about everything serving a purpose I really liked and appreciated, because with this story I did try not to write just random scenes to fill the space like I will often do just because. I\'m sure there are some filler scenes in this, but all in all I tried not to waste too much time with them.

So all in all, thank you so much for this wonderful review! There is nothing better to wake up to.

Stadium Lights by Ghostie       

Rated: PG-13 | Reviews - 243 | |
Tom and Bill are both from two different worlds in their high school. They're casual acquaintances at best, but find something as mundane as a common disinterest in football bringing them closer.

And as Tom learns more about Bill's world, he can't help but reevaluate his own.

Categories: Slash
Characters: Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Natalie Franz, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Fluff, High School, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: None
Warnings: Abuse, Drug Use
Chapters: 11 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 40652 Read Count: 15821
[Report This] Published: 06/25/10 Updated: 09/11/10
Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 07/25/12 Title: Chapter 1: Stadium Lights: 1

Aaah, just finished reading and I have to say, I'm smiling like an idiot. Happy endings always make me feel good.

I wanted to say how much I like the realism in this story. How Tom is not the one who makes Bill all better again - I mean, he helps a lot, sure, but they both know Bill needs professional help, too, and Tom needed it, and all that. I just read too many stories where there's too much of that "all I need is you" and though that can be romantic and cute, some problems go too deep. So, yeah. I liked the realism here. :)

And I liked both Bill & Tom's characters, how they weren't overly dramatic and "special". Even with their problems, they just seemed like people who could actually be alive somewhere, you know?

Okay, I guess I'm going to shut up now. Just wanted to let you know I really liked this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely wanted to touch on real problems that people struggle with without seeming like I was just being dramatic, so I guess I did well! I\'m glad you liked the story and thank you for this lovely review <333

Family Secrets by elvisfan       

Rated: NC17 | Reviews - 691 | |
Summary: Past Featured StoryPhotobucket

After the death of his parents, Tom discovers there's someone he has to share his inheritance with.
Categories: Het, Slash
Characters: Andreas, Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Fluff, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Twincest
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: Tom/OFC
Warnings: Adult Content
Chapters: 28 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 44655 Read Count: 80595
[Report This] Published: 02/27/11 Updated: 06/29/11
Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 10/26/12 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28

Okay, so basically I've been saying "That is sooo cuuuuuteeee!" for the last five minutes now.

Also, I wanted to say that I really love Georg's character in this story, his loyalty, his dry comments. Gustav, too, actually. I love the easy-going friendship and the realism with their rejections at first and how they both came back.

It was cute and fluffy and still I think I'll remember it better than most cute and fluffy stories I've read, because the characters are just so nice and realistic and your style of writing is lovely. I think I like the chapter where they fight about little things the most, just because it's so .. real, in a way.

So, yeah. I wanted to tell you that I really like this and I think I'll read it again, because that's what I do with stories that stay with me, one day I'm just like "Oh, this story! It was so good!" and then I read it again, and. Yeah. :D

Sorry if this review is a bit chaotic, that's just me after reading something that really captivated me. I dive into the story and feel like I'm part of it, and then when it ends, my head's a bit messy. It's really a compliment! :)

Author's Response: it always throws me a little when i see a review pop up for one of my \"old\" stories. thanks so much for reading!

Leave A Message At The Beep by Mouse       

Rated: PG | Reviews - 17 | |
Summary: Tom won’t answer his phone and becomes hard to reach. These are the phone messages he gets.

I'm really not all that good with summaries.
Categories: Slash
Characters: Andreas, Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Jrg, Simone Trumper, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: Bill/Andreas, Bill/Bushido
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 2714 Read Count: 347
[Report This] Published: 10/27/11 Updated: 10/27/11
Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 06/30/12 Title: Chapter 1: Leave A Message At The Beep

I really like this! The last line made me smile and feel hopeful :) I also agree with you that it's getting old to read fics where Tom's the asshole and Bill's the victim, so this was a nice change. And I like how this was all voicemail messages, nothing else, and you still managed to get the story across. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Thank you so much! :D

Interim by diamondairways       

Rated: NC17 | Reviews - 45 | |

Bill is traveling through Europe. He meets Tom

Written for FQF 2012 over at LJ

Categories: Slash
Characters: Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: None
Warnings: None
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 28924 Read Count: 3146
[Report This] Published: 09/13/12 Updated: 09/18/12
Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 02/10/13 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Okay, now I *am* crying.

I think the end is wonderful and it's just right this way, no sequel, open ending, so we can imagine their future with or without each other and STILL know that it's a beautiful future, regardless of what happens between them. It's brilliant, really.

Thank you for writing this, definitely one of my favourites! Makes me a bit melancholic as well because I'd love to travel the world like Bill did in this story, and I'm a hopeless romantic so the whole romance thing with Tom would be an absolute dream. This story really ... I dunno if 'teaches' is the right word, but you get what I mean. There's a lot of truth in here, I think. Life lessons, maybe.

Anyway, that's all from me now, I think I've pretty much said everything :) Loved this, thanks so much for writing! xx

Author's Response: Awww *pets* don\'t cry. I\'m happy you liked the ending (I\'m sure not everyone who\'s read the story liked it). I aimed for it to be open and optimistic =) Glad you saw it that way, too! Thank you for your kind words and wonderful reviews, they\'ve really brightened my day! I\'m thrilled you read and enjoyed this little story and even found something you could take from it, that\'s great! Thank you! =) xo p.s do travel the world!

Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 02/10/13 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

and wondered why all of the brightest moments were so short-lived.

Just wanted to say I absolutely love this sentence, god. That's life in a couple of words. The next chapter is the last one, right? Makes me sad, yet excited to read the end. I love the way you describe Bill and Tom's relationship here.

Author's Response: Happy to hear that, thank you so much=) Yes, next chapter\'s the last but then, you know that already, haha.

Reviewer: NadezhDreams Signed
Date: 02/10/13 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is so amazing I would like to cry right now.

Also, I'm a bit emotional today. Sorry. But your descriptions and the atmosphere you're creating - they're amazing. I feel like I can see, smell, hear it all. And I really like Bill's character and the metaphors (with the wind, for example), the way you portray him and everything goes together.

I saved the link to this story a couple of months ago and told myself I'd read it later, then forgot about it for a while, then saw it again today and thought, "What the hell, I'll just read it now."
Am I glad I did.
Going to read the next chapter now, just wanted to let you know I'm loving this already!

Author's Response: Thank you! =) I\'m really happy that you liked the atmosphere and characters! I tried to make it vivid =) Haha, well better late than never, right? Glad you read it and liked it =)

Silence is a scary sound by Zarlina       

Rated: R | Reviews - 625 | |
Summary: Past Featured Story


Bill is good looking, popular and the kind of guy everyone wants to be with, they'll do anything
for his attention and if they're lucky they might get a chance to be his for a night.

But Bill doesn't care about anyone but himself and his closest friends,
everyone else are just there, mostly annoying him.

Then he meets Tom, and suddenly he doesn't know who he is anymore.

But can someone like Tom really keep a guy like Bill interested enough to stay?

Even if so only for friendship?

Categories: Slash
Characters: Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Jrg, Original Male Character, Simone Trumper, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: Bill/OMC
Warnings: Humiliation, Self-Harm, Violence
Chapters: 34 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 66297 Read Count: 26995
[Report This] Published: 02/27/14 Updated: 04/17/15
Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 07/27/16 Title: Chapter 2: Someone like you

--- Bill just blinked. Was she for real?
HA! Sassy Bill! Made me laugh out loud, haha

I also think it's kinda hilarious that he tells Simone that not everyone is an asshole, but in pretty much the rudest way possible. He's basically being a dick to her while telling her that he isn't a dick. It's beautifully ironic :p

Okay so -- theory time. It's fascinating that Bill is so immediately invested in Tom, since he admits himself that he doesn't understand why. But it's clear that Bill's own life is far from perfect and he's not happy and acting a certain way to hide his insecurities. I mean:
---he was so used to always know what to say or do that when he didn’t he became a whole other person. ---
This is a pretty clear indication that he's using his bitchy persona as a kind of mask to hide his true feelings. And the whole thing with the house makes me think that Tom went through some kind of trauma and that's why he doesn't speak, so --
I'm willing to bet that Bill recognizes this in Tom, he recognizes that the silence is Tom's mask in the same way that Bill's arrogance is his mask. And that's why he's drawn to Tom.

I could be totally wrong, but it's what makes the most sense to me with the information I got from this chapter. I love this, I love how it encourages me to really think about the characters already. It's fascinating :)

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 33: What does this mean?

Bill and Tom were lying on Bill’s bed, sound asleep. Bill was resting his head on the younger teen’s chest, and their hands were linked together, lying right under the raven-haired young man’s chin. ---
This image makes me so happy.

--- “But we already knew he would, the question was if Bill would even let him.” ---
Gustav is so smart. I agree with this statement 100%. This is exactly how you've set up Tom's and Bill's personalities in this.

--- Maybe Tom would be right for him, maybe he deserved some happiness… maybe Tom could fix him. ---
YES TO THIS. This is the biggest change honestly. Even though Bill's only thinking "maybe", it's such a huge step away from "no way", and he really needed to arrive at this point.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 34: Epilogue - I love you.

So I started reading this story because you promised me a complicated Bill, and you definitely gave me one. And as if that wasn't enough of a reason to get immediately invested in the story, you gave me/the readers a complicated Tom and a complicated relationship and an amazing ending that I don't think anyone could've seen coming.

Starting this, I think most, if not all, people expected the plot to be about Bill becoming the person to make Tom talk again. And in a way he was, but in a much more important way he wasn't, because the story wasn't about that. It was so much more about Bill finding a way back to himself, allowing a person into his life who was traumatized just like him, but who handled it so differently and so much better and could show him another way of life.

Tom didn't have to speak at the end for the story to be complete. He was coping with his trauma already, in a good way, and Bill wasn't coping at all, and now he is, and that's the real plot here. And that's such an important message to send -- that even with traumas that will always be a part of you, you can still have a future worth living. So thank you for that hopeful message, and thank you for the story, and I hope getting so many reviews in such a small amount of time hasn't driven you completely crazy! :p

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 32: I'm sorry

It's so sad that Bill still doesn't see that Jared was the bad guy in their relationship, not him. But yay for kissing indeed! And yay for honesty! And yay for Tom!

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 30: Go away

(and I screamed)

I like how Simone is slowly becoming more of a surrogate mom to Bill. He needs one.

And I'm glad Bill finally cried. That's so much better than leaving everything bottled up inside.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 31: Talk to him

Gustav is such a good friend. And I really, really, really love that you didn't make Tom super talkative all of a sudden. He doesn't want to talk and he only does it to bring Bill back to him, and Bill respects that and it just shows that they understand each other so well.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 29: Everything will be fine

I'm running out of things to say except that this HURTS and I am so worried about Bill and my sadistic writer's heart loves this chapter even though he's never been more messed up than here, which is saying something. There's just something inspiring about characters hitting rock bottom and then picking themselves back up again, you know?

At least, I hope he'll pick himself back up again. HE HAS TO.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 28: You値l wait?


This chapter made me emotional. People talking to gravestones always do, and Bill is just so sad.

I really liked the conversation between Tom and the Gs, they haven't interacted without Bill present before and it's interesting and kinda heartwarming to see that they are at a point in their friendship where they can talk and trust each other. It portrays the Gs as good and loyal friends to Bill and as accepting of Tom and his quirks, which is very sweet and gives me hope.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 27: What do we do now?

Bill IS being an idiot, but it makes perfect sense. You've set up his character and personality so well that I can tell he's making a mistake, but I can also fully understand WHY he's doing it. He's pushing himself deeper into his depression, but he doesn't know how else to handle his feelings, because he's never allowed himself to HAVE that many feelings.

And I am so so grateful for the Gs stepping in and taking charge of the situation. Something needs to be done and quick, before Bill does something really idiotic and the whole thing is ruined forever.

--- he knew Bill wasn’t the kind of guy to ever push his best friends away ---
Which is what I've been saying since chapter two! And the fact that he's doing it now just shows how messed up he is.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 26: I have to go

This story honestly has all of the elements I love in stories. The broken protagonist trying to be good to everyone around them, at their own expense. The warm-hearted person challenging them to be themselves. Soft comforting kisses. Characters locking away their feelings until they burst and start screaming-crying.


I want to jump into the story and give Bill the longest fucking hug. And Tom, too. The poor things. It was going so well, and now... Tom must be devastated too. The question is, does he understand Bill well enough to know how to fix this again? Interesting.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 25: You weren稚 supposed to know

So at first I was like, "Oh no, bitchy!Bill is back, he's putting on his mask with Tom, that's not good, no no no..." and then Bill broke and starting screaming and whispering and being all kinds of messed up and I wanted to cry tbh. AND THEN TOM KISSED HIM.

I don't know why I'm telling you what's happening in a chapter you wrote yourself, but here it is, I have absolutely nothing coherent to say. I just want to hug this story.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 24: Don稚 tell him what to do

--- Bill was staring angrily at everyone daring to come too close to where he was sitting in a couch in the middle of the room. ---
This is such a powerful mental picture.

And oh god, TOM SHOWED UP
I didn't see that coming at all. I did think Bill was going to do something stupid, but I didn't think Tom would be there to witness it. It adds to the drama and it adds to the suspense and I know it's cruel of me to enjoy that, but it makes the story SO EXCITING :D

Also, the "It's Mike" reveal was a surprisingly painful punch in the throat for me. Bill is -- despite what he believes himself -- really considerate and smart about people, usually, but the fact that he didn't even have enough brain space to remember that guy's name just shows how fucked up he is right now.

And then the cops. This entire chapter is just a rollercoaster of feelings tbh. I am having so many feelings at the same time. YOU AMAZING WRITER.

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed
Date: 08/03/16 Title: Chapter 22: But you like him

I love the way Bill thinks about Tom, it's so cute and he's so obviously got a crush and I may have just squealed a little -- and then you had to go and make it sad. Because Bill's self-esteem is so fucking low and his thoughts hurt so much. I want them to be happy together, damnit!