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Oh wow, gosh guys, I completely forgot about this place.

Hi, my name is Anthony Shawn Curtis and I used to go by Skylar. I am nineteen, almost twenty years old, and am taken by my wonderful boyfriend for eight months, Esteban. I kind of fell out of writing TH fan fiction as well as reading it, but I might get back into this. Writing it, no, reading, yes.

I've been writing since 2004 and hope to go to college to get my BA in English. I want to become a teacher.

I am still a fan of Twincest, but for some reason I stopped coming here.

I'm more into Supernatural, Avengers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Once Upon a Time, now.

It's been a while, so hello.

If you wish to find me on Skype, my username is SkylarShawnFallout.
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