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Real name: Logan Kaulitz
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Let's talk about me.

Okay I'm Logan and I sold my soul to my school's theater department. Theater-related things and school make up most of my life, writing and the internet makes up the rest.

I enjoy writing the occasional het fic with Bill as the love interest, but usually they're rather cliche. Seriously, you should read the first fanfic I ever wrote. It would make you rip your eyes out. I probably won't post it on here. Ever.

I have a knack for thinking up very original (or at least I think so) ideas for Kaulitzcest stories. Some are alternate universe, some are historical, and all of them are different from all the KC's I've ever read.

As for Bill's hairstyles, the Rette Mich-era hair was my favorite. Dreads were second favorite.

Mkay. Enjoy!

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