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First before we start let me pimp a few things.

A comm run by CT&URR for which I read ToHo podfic, if you have any particular requests you're welcome to place them as long as requester knows that I am very slow and currently have a bit of a backlog.


A new podfic community that I made which is non-fandom specific.

Back to the Bio.

Hello people, I'm Iz, I'm a 24 year old Chemistry teacher. My aim in life is to never have to grow up enough that I'm not allowed to explode things. :D

I have about 12/13 TH stories on the go right now though realistically that's more like 6 that I'm actually working on. I'm back into the swing of writing things now, however my plot bunnies have ADD and I'll start one thing and then something will leap up and I just have to write it down.

Also I hate posting anything unless I know it's complete so it will probably be a while before any more chaptered fics find there way on here (though having said that...)

Anywho I'm working on a collab with Anchy, I've not co-authored before so it's quite exciting. :) (I am apocalyptically slow with it though...)

I'm so excited about some stories I have planned.

Also thank you so so much for the nomination for the third round of the thff awards. Superhelden was nominated in Best Characterisation and it seriously made me grin wide for a long time.

Hopefully some more stuff will get posted in time! Happy reading!
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