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[1/30/15] OUT of TH hibernation! Woohoo!
[7/30/13] Currently in TH hibernation. Zzzzzz...

I was introduced to TH by my friend in June/July 2009 albeit forcibly; she just wouldn't turn off that music (and that flippin' Interview Above the Clouds) XD but it feels like I've known of them longer. Probably because I've seen almost every interview and photo from their childhood XD

I pretty much only read twincest (related or non-related [though when it comes to related I'd rather it be AU]), because I think their bond is a beautiful and rare thing. This is the only time I've ever shipped siblings, so it must be something about THEM, haha.

I'm so appreciative of the privilege to read great stories by some truly gifted writers.
Thanks guys, you give me inspiration to overcome writer's block. :)

In The Works:
- trying to write a short story based off a vampire plotline I saw in an mmorpg.
(Status: Started posting; Completed chapters 3/6)

- writing a longer multi-chap. Historical fiction spanning across centuries. Still figuring out title.
(Status: Currently on the backburner to focus on my vampire fic)

I will always respond to every review :)

Free Sex has been translated!
link no longer working xP

Last updated April 2015

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