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Tokio Hotel Fiction 2017 Holiday Challenge

It's challenge time, and this time you get to participate in selecting your own prompts, using the generator above.

To start the generator, click on the moving gingerbread man -

The generator will randomly combine a genre, TH song lyric, random word and random holiday themed word. You must include at least 3 in your story, but the only mandatory one is the holiday themed word/s. Let your imagination run wild, you can use them as inspiration for the theme of your story, include them in the narrative or the dialogue etc.

Perhaps your genre is MPREG, song lyric 'Celebrate it Loud', random word is 'ice' and random holiday word/s 'Elves'. You could write a story about Georg the elf being pregnant with a little elf baby and all the other elves are very excited and celebrate the announcement very loudly. Optional ice involved. Or, you know, something like that. XD

Maybe your genre is Amnesia, song lyric 'Now Put Your Hands In My Pocket', random word 'sweet' and holiday word/s 'Christmas Card'. Your story could be about Bill waking up from a coma after a terrible accident, unable to remember a thing, even with this super hot hot guy called Tom standing there insisting he is Bill's boyfriend. What might an old Christmas card found in his pocket reveal? Or will Bill just not care that he can't remember since Tom is just that freaking hot it doesn't matter? You tell us! (Please.)

Click the Christmas Tree in the generator until you are happy with the combination!

Once you have randomly generated a prompt you like, clicking the gift box in the generator -

It will either save your prompt as an image on your computer, or generate an image for you to save if you are on a mobile device. When you submit your story, you just need to send the image of your prompt in with it.

For this challenge you are allowed to submit more than one (anonymous) entry, and after all the stories have been posted, there will be a vote in January for the story people enjoyed the most.

The prize for the winner will be an item of the winner's choosing up to $30 USD from Nobodysart Tokio Hotel page on Redbubble.

By entering the challenge you agree to provide an address for the item to shipped to.

THF Staff will not be eligible to win, however they and anyone else are welcome to post stories using the prompt generator.

If you save some prompts you might think others will like, feel free to send them to us via email or Twitter and we might put them up for anyone to use.

Deadline for having your stories in is January 14 2018, however stories will be posted by us as they come in.

General challenge rules can be found down below.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us here or via email, Twitter or Facebook. Have fun!

Tokio Hotel Fiction Challenges


The Official THF Challenges are just what the title implies; Fanfic challenges for ;) We'd love it if you participated! Periodically, we may even offer prizes!

Submissions will be sent to by the listed deadline under the challenge, and the admin staff will post the fanfics anonymously to the website. All of the submitted fanfics will go into a series named for the challenge. Each fanfic will be labeled so members will know it's for the challenge.

After the last fics are posted, the fanfics will no longer be anonymous. The authors name will be added to the story, and it will show up in the author's account.

  1. You must stay within the guidelines of the challenge, but feel free to put your own spin on it.

  2. Fanfic submissions must be sent to by the deadline listed under the challenge. You will, on average, have about a month and a half to write and submit your challenge response. Do not submit your entry to the website under your pen name. You will be disqualified.

  3. All submissions must have the following in the subject line of your email: [Name of Challenge]: [Title of Fanfic] by [author]

  4. When submitting your story, you may copy/paste the text into the body of the email, or attach a document to the email.

  5. All stories must have the following header in the body of the email.

      Author: (Only the admin will know who wrote what. The readers/voters will not.)
      Category: (Het, Slash, Gen)
      Genre: (Pick from the THF genre list)
      Warning: (Pick from the THF warning list)
      Main Pairing: (Must be listed in the THF Pairing list)
      Side Pairing: (Ditto)
      Author's Notes:

  6. Each submission must be at least the minimum length described in the challenge.

  7. Coauthors are allowed, but if there are prizes and you win, you and your writing partner will have to divvy up the prize amongst yourselves. We won't do it for you.

  8. You may only submit one story per challenge, unless otherwise specified.

  9. You must keep your identity anonymous. You may not rally your friends to vote for you if there are prizes. Please do not give hints on twitter or facebook as to which story is yours!

  10. If you want to have your story beta read, which you should, it's fine to tell your beta reader who you are. However, your beta reader MUST keep your identity a secret.

  11. If we receive any plagiarized material, you will be banned from the website permanently.


That's it! Remember to have fun! :)

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