Submission Rules

  2. Plagiarism is not allowed! You will be banned immediately from the fiction board if you are found to be in violation of this rule.

  3. Necrophilia, bestiality, and NC-17 situations with characters aged 10 and under are not permitted on THF.

  4. Do not post content that is not fan fiction to this website. This includes, IM conversations that are not part of a story, fan art, or messages to your readers. Stories with this content will be immediately deleted.

  5. Please do not post more than one chapter of the same story at a time. Post one chapter and wait for a mod to accept it. Once one chapter is posted to the site, then you may add another. If you post more than one chapter of the same story at once, all but the first chapter will be deleted from the site.

    If you continue to post multiple chapters, you may lose posting privileges on the site.

  6. DO NOT add any unneeded punctuation into your titles. For example: ::I Love You:: is not an acceptable title. Putting these extra characters into your story titles will make searching for your fan fic difficult.

  7. Do not add any HTML into the title of your story.

  8. Please do not post fan art without the author's permission, whether it's in your story banner or just in your story text. Fan art used in banners without permission will be deleted!

  9. Story banners may be AT MOST 600x400 pixels. Any larger will be removed.

  10. Do not post more than ONE banner for your fan fic in your story summary. If you do, one will immediately be deleted by the staff.

  11. You can only upload files that end in TXT or HTML/HTM. DOC, RTF, and other files cannot be uploaded. If your fan fic is in one of these formats please just copy/paste the text into the text box. You can use HTML code in the text box for formatting if you want to. If you have any questions about formatting or HTML please contact the admin.

  12. Poetry is not accepted on the site, and all stories less than 500 words are not accepted, either. These fan fics will be rejected and deleted without notice!

  13. Additionally, we do NOT accept drabbles (stories that are exactly 100 words). If you submit a drabble, it will be deleted without notice.

  14. Stories must be submitted to the proper category. This is how people will search for your fic, so put your fic in the proper category.

    Category Definitions:
    Het: Short for "heterosexual" -- denotes fanfic depicting a romantic or sexual relationship between opposite genders.
    Slash: A type of fic involving romantic or sexual involvement between two characters of the same gender.
    Gen: Short for "general" -- a fan fic that has no pairings or sexual content. These fan fics do not deal with sexual or romantic relationships. A fan fic with slash or het in it cannot be a Gen fic.

  15. After choosing your main category, you must choose "genres" and "warnings" for your fan fic. A genre functions like a subcategory. You can find the listing of genres on the menu to the left.

  16. For a guide on categories, genres, and warnings, please CHECK HERE.

  17. Correct grammar and spelling are expected of all stories submitted to this site. Our site has moderated submissions, which means a moderator must validate your fan fic before it goes on the site. If you have excessive grammatical or punctuation errors, you will be asked to re-edit your story or it will be deleted. Broken English might look cute on Bill, but it won't on your fic. Also, most word processors will immediately correct and underline mistakes in red. Please put your story through a spell check before posting. And additionally, please save a copy of your fan fic as it will be deleted if your story is rejected. We are not responsible for lost fic. Please save a copy of your writing.

  18. All stories must be rated correctly and have the appropriate warnings. Seriously, some people will go postal if they accidentally read something that squicks them. And then they will go after you. Choose your battles.

  19. This seems obvious, but this is a Tokio Hotel Fiction archive. So all stories need to involve Tokio Hotel. They don't have to involve ALL of Tokio Hotel, but they do need to be in the story. There are plenty of original ficion archives around the web, we're not one of them.

  20. To select multiple character names, genres, pairings, or warnings for a fanfic, press the CTRL button and select the multiple names with your mouse.

  21. *IMPORTANT* If you are having issues with posting, and you have used the "preview" function, try to post without previewing. Our preview function doesn't always work.

  22. DO NOT post story previews, for example: Title: "Preview for Brotherly Lovers, A sequel to Just Brothers". We can not house your maybes, and we certainly will not tolerate you saying "If this gets enough interest, I will continue it!" That is a really stupid way to write, so please do not do it. Your story won't be accepted.

  23. DO NOT submit your chapter multiple times to the archive. Submit it once and wait to see if the story is accepted or rejected. If your fan fic is rejected, you will receive a rejection letter in the email listed in your account. Please check for rejection letters if your fan fic isn't updated on the site within an hours time. Check your spam mail.

    If your fan fic is rejected do not resubmit it until you've corrected the errors in your story. If you resubmit the story multiple times without editing it, you may lose posting privileges on the site.

  24. When you're ready to submit make sure read over our submission checklist to see if you're missing anything!

Submissions found to be in violation of these rules may be removed and the author's account suspended at the discretion of the site administrators and/or moderators. The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.