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Reviewer: benotafraid Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/25/17 12:08 am Title: I will

ohhh, this was lovely. i admire bill so much. he goes through a terrible amount of suffering, and yet he is still so sweet and pure hearted. i'm so glad he now has someone to care for him.

Author's Response: He's such a sweet and kind person. I love him so much <3

Reviewer: inlovewithTom Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/20/16 04:20 am Title: I will

This series is amazing. Glad I stumbled upon it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: jesseforever69 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/04/16 05:40 pm Title: I will

this was a really good story!!
please do a sequel to this!

Author's Response: There will be more :) Thank you!

Reviewer: elixirsix Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/29/16 05:46 pm Title: I will

Oooh yes! Do their whole first year together! That would be awesome! The lunar cycle, things that spike criminal activity, well there would be a lot to cover....go for it ;)

Author's Response: We'll see! But I'll write more, that's for sure!

Thank you!

Reviewer: Starling011 Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/28/16 08:06 pm Title: I will

I loved this story so much. I would be really excited to see more stories from this universe.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Haylz Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/28/16 05:50 pm Title: I will

Awwww yes, sweet cuddles at the end, Bill needs to Tom after going through all that!

Author's Response: Yes <3 He does <3

Reviewer: Kaulalii Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/28/16 04:00 am Title: I will

PLEASE, PLEAAAASEEEE more stories about this universe!! I have to say my heart is screaming for more of weirdo Bill with his warm smile and sexy detective Tom!

Author's Response: There will be more! Thank you!

Reviewer: SparkM Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/28/16 12:01 am Title: I will

Of course I'm interested!! Youknow it ;-)

Tom was so cute being all nervous when asking Bill out :3 And Bill so relieved when he heard him! Aww, I totally imagine Tom's love helping Bill with his power, making him stronger :D

If you write another story, I would like to see more interaction of Tom with the ghosts ^.^ Just saying :p

I'll be waiting!!

Author's Response: Awesome, thank you!

Reviewer: elvisfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/27/16 07:45 pm Title: I will


Author's Response: Yessss

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/27/16 06:35 pm Title: I will

The best part to me is that when Bill says "I will", he literally means that he knows he's going to. Not just "I will" as in "Sure, that sounds fun", but as in "I will, because I've already looked into the future and seen us holding hands." And it is ADORABLE. Also, the fact that Bill is finally starting to fall asleep ONLY when he's cuddling up to Tom, not before that... that means something.

The scene where the ghost starts tormenting Bill is seriously breathtaking. Suspenseful, emotional, and I want to throw something at that ghost for hurting my baby ): *wraps arms around Bill*
In all seriousness, that's a great scene. It works so well, I really was holding my breath as I was reading it!! And I like how you explain things, like why Halloween is a bad time for psychics or what happens to spirits after Halloween. It all makes sense, which is a pretty impressive thing for a story with ghosts in it. :')

And I want Bill's apartment, it sounds so lovely, just as warm and inviting as he is :D The fact that he's trying to help all these spirits and neglecting himself in the process... I mean, that's not good, because he needs to take care of himself, but it does make me love him. Selflessness is awesome. And now I want Tom to feed him soup and pet his hair and look after my baby < 3

I don't need to tell you that I'm interested in more stories. Actually. I'm not just interested. I'm IMPATIENTLY SHOUTING INTO THE VOID that I would LOVE MORE!! This is one of my favorite universes, I swear. Every story in this universe makes me a very happy Dutchie < 3

Author's Response: Yes, that means something indeed. I love him, so much.

I'm glad it worked out! It was such a hard chapter to write. And yay for things making sense! I'm so new when it comes to these things I had no idea if it actually would make any sense at all haha!

He's such a kind person. I adore him. But I guess, knowing as much as he does, makes you either hate the world, or try to make it a better place. And Bill's going for the latter. I love him.

Awwww, thank you!! <3

Reviewer: sylvia1000 Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/27/16 05:40 pm Title: I will

I enjoyed reading :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Mizuky Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/27/16 04:23 pm Title: I will

I love this kind of stories, so I'll be waiting for más fics of this universe. I would love to read about their first date. Thank you for this Halloween present.

Author's Response: Lovely! Thank you!

Reviewer: cigimuz Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/27/16 09:10 am Title: I will

Uh... Excuse YOU! If I'm interested in more stories from this universe? Uh, I definitely do! Like.. yesterday!

Btw, this chapter was awesome! I love psychic Bill ^_^

Author's Response: You're too sweet <3 Thank you <3

Reviewer: Absinthe Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/27/16 08:11 am Title: I will

THIS IS SO PERFECT I'M ACTUALLY CRYING (don't judge me I've had like four hours of sleep and - yeah okay I would have been over emotional about it anyways)

Please please please write other stories about this universe. I'm SO not ready to say it goodbye. I nearly screamed when I saw it was the last chapter and that the story was complete (like I said, I'm a bit overemotional about it).

This Bill is so like a human cup of tea, it's unbelievable. I like the part about his appartment being always warm - but not to warm, in a good and comfortable way. That says a lot about his personality - he basically IS his appartment - and about how Tom feels about him - in one word : good. Very good.

Bill trying to help as much as he can, despite his exhaustion, wanting to help all of them - breaks my heart. This character is so pure and altruist... Damn how is it even possible ? Not in a bad way I mean. He's still totally realistic, don't worry about that. It's more that damn, such a personality is so selfless and good that damn, it hurts in a way. In a very good way, we would all learn by reading this story. BUT DAMN FEELS. Excuse me why I go sob in a corner.

The scene with the ghost is DAMN. It's perfectly written, it's spooky, the tension is perfect, it's just... I have no words, it couldn't be better ! It's the perfect amount of details, of tension (that you released at the perfect moment), Tom's point of view - being scared as fuck but caring about Bill and not even thinking about leaving while absolutely not knowing what to do THIS IS ART THIS IS A MASTERPIECE definitively sobbing in a corner.

I definitively wants to see more, to see Tom being more at peace with Connor's death. It stills weigh on him and I'd like to see the moment where Tom will finally let him go, not moving on and forgetting him (because I think we can agree it's totally not him) but accepting things, like Connor do. They both need it (even if the extra protection against the angry lady wasn't a bad thing).

Tom being the first one asking Bill about the deaths he's seen and felt... DAMN. BRING ME AN ASSLOAD OF TISSUES I'LL NEED IT.
Bill is always, always always caring. That's who he is, that's how he lives his live - he's the one who cares about others. Except that, if no one had ever thought about asking him THAT question, it means people haven't been here to take care of him, or not enough. That would explain why he's so eager to help, to care, because he knows how it feels when no one gives a damn. He could have turn into someone cold and mean, and he didn't. That shows how good he is, while perfectly crushing my heart and happily jumping on the parts that left. (Stop doing that, Sandra, they're sharp, you're gonna get hurt one day. Go make characters happy, damn. You evil little thing.)
AND now he has Tom. Tom who cares, and who is ready to listen, even if it's hard to do, and heavy to bear. Because he cares about Bill and fkjhdfgkjlhsdgkjhd can I die now or have you something left in store to crush my heart some more (PLEASE SAY YOU DO PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE).

There is so much love in the last part, I can't get over it. Sure it's only starting, and yet... Yet it's already so powerful and beautiful. Tom cares about Bill a lot, loves him a friggin lot, and overcame a lot of his own prejudices BECAUSE he cares. He didn't believed about anything paranormal, he was stubborn, he was freaked out by Bill knowing basically everything - and yet he accepted it, evolved, accepted his feelings. C.R.Y.I.N.G.

I know each story you write is even better than the last one, so in a way I'm not surprised, but DAMN. This is waow. This is awesome. I have no words... Except maybe that I loved it as much as Tom loves Bill. :D
(This post is sponsored by Google translate because feelings and like four hours of sleep, don't judge me xD) (and write some more) (please)

< 3

Author's Response: Awwww! Well, I may have cried as well haha <3

I love these characters. They've got such depth and they're both so interesting to get to know better. I love how Tom sees Bill in a way no one else does, and how he notices details no one else cares about. The whole thing with him actually wanting to know how these ghosts are making him hurt is so sweet. Ugh. I just love them so much.

Now I miss this universe... I gotta write another one soon!

Thank you, I love you <3

Reviewer: TomsCanadianGirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/26/16 10:19 pm Title: I will

Awww poor Bill :/ I can't imagine how stressful and exhausting it all must be for him. I sure hope he gets some rest!

I'm so happy Tom finally asked Bill out. Even though it was bound to happen eventually. Bill said so lol

I am definitely interested in more stories about this universe :D I love these characters and the universe you have created here!

Author's Response: Yeah, poor thing :(

Haha, yes, and when's Bill ever wrong ;)

Thank you!

Reviewer: The_poltergeist Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/26/16 09:35 pm Title: I will

I loved, loved, loved, loved this!!! God, this chapter was so fucking intense!!! I'm still trembling a little, especially that scene where he's closing his eyes, and shouting that he can't help her! man, I got goosebumps! Fucking goosebumps!

And yaaaaaaas, Tom asked him out! Yaaaaaaas! I need more. I need the next story asap! Please, I'm sure their date is going to be so cute, I just know it!

Best halloween story ever!

Author's Response: Such a difficult part to write as well, so I'm glad you liked it!

He asked him out! Yay!

Thank you!

Reviewer: Haylz Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/25/16 02:46 am Title: Get some rest

Aw poor Bill, he needs to go home and curl up, preferably all nice and warm in bed, with Tom spooning him and cuddling him and maybe kissing him and, well I've gone off track.

Haha Gustav's meaningful look, I'm just picturing him with this super smug expression like that emoji 😏

Author's Response: Hahaha, maybe not yet ;)

Exactly the expression I imagine him to have as well haha!

Reviewer: elvisfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/24/16 08:39 pm Title: Get some rest

why is this bill, in my brain at least, just so huggably adorable???

Author's Response: Because he's warm and cute and needs snuggles <3

Reviewer: Starling011 Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/24/16 08:29 pm Title: Get some rest

This chaper has me worried that something bad might be happening to Bill. I really hope not. Still I will look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for posting.

Author's Response: We'll get to see soon :)

Reviewer: Sturmfrei Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/24/16 05:44 pm Title: Get some rest

That last sentence sounds a bit ominous. Like he's implying that he's moving away. Which he shouldn't because he needs to hook up with Tom and they need to get married. They should get on that.

On a more serious note, Bill needs rest, what the fuck is he putting himself through??? Halloween must be super tough on him. I'm so invested in this universe that I'm legit worried about his health and lack of sparkle. I want him to be happy and sassy at all times, please make that happen :O

Ahhhh, I love being back in this universe. I love everything about it. The guys' dynamic is so fun to read about and Bill's powers are really fascinating. Can't wait for more!!! < 3

Author's Response: Haha, guess we'll see what will happen ;) No one knows yet. Except for maybe Bill, he seems to know everything.

I know :( I wasn't supposed to torture him this much but apparently it happened anyway... poor thing.

Thank you!!

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