Time To Vote!
Thank you so much to everyone who submitted entries for the challenge, and anyone who posted a holiday fic this year also, our tree ended up with plenty of decorations!

We now need all your help to choose the winner of the challenge, who as you may remember will receive an item of the winner's choosing up to $30 USD from Nobodysart Tokio Hotel page on Redbubble.

Please read through the submitted stories found here and then contact us to let us know your favourite - only one vote per person!

You will have one week from today to submit your vote.

We now have a page for our fic prompt generators where you can find the Holiday Prompt Generator and the new Valentine's Day Prompt Generator - Find them here! - We will also be adding a Halloween themed generator and a general one, so if you have any suggestions for words to go in, please let us know :)

- Haylz on 01/17/18 05:32 am
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