Holiday Challenge
We're gearing up for the festive season, and the first thing to announce is a new challenge (finally) which you can find the details of here!

Deadline for getting your stories in to us is Jan 14 2018, and we'd love if you participated. There is a prize for the winner so check it out!

We'll also soon be putting up a Christmassy/Holidays layout, and a tree which you can help decorate, just by writing stories :D More details SOON.

- Haylz on 12/02/17 04:55 pm
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So excited for this! Y'all have so outdone yourselves! :)
- Steinsgrrl on 12/02/17 05:44 pm
I have a question! I read through the rules but couldn't find a minimum length specified. Is there one?
- ryouga on 12/13/17 05:40 pm
@ryouga the minimum length is just the existing minimum of 500 words! :)
- Haylz on 12/15/17 04:57 pm