A Few Changes
Hi everyone, this is just a quick note to let you know that the lovely Steinsgrrl (Mel) has decided to step down from running Tokio Hotel Fiction. She is still around, and she'll still be around on the site, but she feels it's time for her to move on. She wants everyone to know that she is glad to have helped and she loves everyone.

Please join us in thanking Mel for years and years of running this place, she has kept everything running smoothly and has done a lot to encourage writing, reading and reviewing fanfic during this time.

I have been looking after the site for a little while, but effective from today that is official.

We'd also like to thank our former mod Kirsten (mohanrocks) for her work on the site, Kirsten has moved on and doesn't really spend much time at THF.

Welcome to our new mod Kireinayorudakara!

- Haylz on 09/10/17 04:56 am
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Thank you, Mel - for all of the work that you have put into THF and keeping it alive. You are so appreciated and loved by this author
- hexenhasel on 09/10/17 07:12 am
Thank you, Haylz for taking over THF and keeping it going! You Rock!
- hexenhasel on 09/10/17 07:12 am
Thats sounds really frightening T_T I'm so worried.

Thank you for all those years Steinsgrrl!
- Ewa on 09/10/17 09:05 am
Thank you so much, Mel, for everything!!! And I hope your stories are staying...
- Zuzu21 on 09/10/17 02:06 pm
Loves all around. :)
- Gaja on 09/10/17 04:38 pm
Thank you so much for everything, Mel! I wish you all the best and I want you to know I feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to get to know you, and I'm forever grateful for how you gave me a home at this page, and how you've made me feel like I belong here. I love you, thank you so much for everything < 3
- Zarlina on 09/11/17 01:41 pm
Also thank you, Kirsten! It's been wonderful working with you, you're the sweetest person < 3 and welcome to the team, Kira!
- Zarlina on 09/11/17 01:42 pm

Thanks for everything, Mel!!!!! It's been a great run with you at the helm. 

- kireinayorudakara on 09/13/17 01:03 pm
Thank you for keeping the site alive and running!!

And welcome K!
- hznne on 09/13/17 07:54 pm
Thank so much Mel! You made our tokioHotel fantasy come true! Love u and we will miss you and your stories! Kisses
- xskittles on 09/16/17 12:14 pm