Fic Banners & New Twitter
Hi everyone, you may have noticed a lot of broken fanfic banners on the site recently, this is due to Photobucket cutting off their external linking (hotlinking) unless you pay for the service. Photobucket was a popular image hosting service and I probably wasn't the only one who hosted all my banners there until recently. If your fic banners are broken, you can still log in to Photobucket to save your banner images and then upload them somewhere else like or any other similar image hosts. Also, if for some strange reason you happened to have saved fic banners from stories whose author's aren't around anymore please feel free to send them to us for rehosting :D

In addition to our main Twitter account, we now have one exclusively for story updates so you can get notified any time a new story gets posted or when any story gets updated. It will check for updates on the Recent Stories page every 15 minutes. The updates account is @thfupdate and if you hit the alert button (it should look like a little bell) then Twitter will send your phone a notification when stories are posted/updated. I was going to link it up to our main Twitter account but since I set the thfupdate account up for testing I figured we can keep it there and those who want to follow it can!

Thanks for reading and don't forget upcoming occasions you may want to start writing stories for such as the twins' birthday, Gustav's birthday, and oh yeah HALLOWEEEEEEEN.

- Haylz on 07/29/17 10:06 am
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Loving the Twitter addition! I suggest Fotoflexer to my fellow authors, you can both create and have the banner hosted there, without registering.

Thanks for your hard work!
- Reginleif on 07/29/17 06:48 pm
Thank you!
- Haylz on 07/30/17 08:45 pm