Happy Halloween!
It's time to start posting those Halloween stories! So that it's easy for everyone to find them, please add your story to the Halloween 2016 series (if you go to the series and click 'Add to Series' it will bring up all your stories to choose from). If you have trouble, just put #THF Halloween somewhere in your story summary and we'll add it for you.

Have fun everyone!

- Haylz on 10/24/16 01:26 am
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Eeeeeeeeeee it begins!
- em_rose483 on 10/24/16 03:06 am
Love the creepy theme/banner of the site for Halloween!
- Jumbie22 on 10/25/16 11:50 am
I love the burntgold banner!! It's captivating xD
- MissAnna on 10/25/16 08:05 pm
looking forward to some supernatural twincest ^^

and could you maybe please keep this version of the burnt skin as an option for always? I absolutely adore the colour scheme :D and would be really sad to see it go in a week's time *sniff*
- manicMiss on 10/26/16 03:53 pm
Glad people are enjoying the Halloween skins! I'm sure we can keep the burnt colour scheme as an option 👍🏻
- Haylz on 10/26/16 04:51 pm
Love the idea of Halloween stories and this color the of the site, it's just perfect. Good job!
- Ewa on 10/29/16 08:59 am