I just have to thank Zarlina and Haylz for the amazing new look you see on THF. These two ladies are so talented and I can't thank them enough for lending their time and artistry to Tokio Hotel Fiction. Thank you so much, Sandra and Hayley!

- Steinsgrrl on 03/02/16 08:01 pm
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Anything for this amazing page! :) I'm so glad you liked the banners and the new layouts look great! < 3
- Zarlina on 03/03/16 02:07 pm
It's amazing! Thanks for the wonderful new look!
- Zuzu21 on 03/03/16 05:16 pm
- Haylz on 03/04/16 12:49 am
Very hard to read because the color of the page is changing :(
- Gaya3395 on 03/04/16 03:49 am
Change is sometimes good, but unfortunately, it is very hard to read :(
- TomsCanadianGirl on 03/04/16 08:30 am
And hard on the eyes :/
- TomsCanadianGirl on 03/04/16 08:30 am
I love the make over ooh! but i do have a problem. it makes it very hard to read the stories... but again it looks nice!
- Aly cat on 03/04/16 12:42 pm
I agree, looks very good but color of the font is too light and font is too delicate so it's hard to read and it makes my eyes tired after a while of reading.
- Ewa on 03/08/16 12:23 pm
I made some changes but no one specified which layout they were having issues with so I just had to guess. I'd like to add more layout options in the not too distant future so if anyone has any ideas send them my way 💛
- Haylz on 03/11/16 12:52 am
Is it possible to change the font of stories to the same as in summary but a bit darker. The current one is black which is great but it's so hard to read because of this font type. I'm sorry for asking for it but with my bad eyesight I have major problems with reading anything here now.
- ruda on 03/27/16 10:57 am
I agree with the comment above mine. I'm really sorry that I'm complaining again, but new font is so difficult to read. Words are too close to eachother, after a while of reading it's getting hard to see the distance between them words. I'm really sorry again, I really love this site and I appercite all the hard work admins and other people are doing here, don't want to sound like an ungraceful spoiled kid who is always complaining.
- Ewa on 03/28/16 07:04 am
Hi guys, the story font hasn't changed, it was just made bigger, would you rather it go back to small size? I always found I had to zoom in because it was too small. 😂
- Haylz on 03/30/16 01:24 am