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- Steinsgrrl on 11/29/15 06:01 pm
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Oh, I hope it's not because of my comments under the cat stories. I'm sorry, I didn't think those stories were anyhow related to personal opinions of an authors, I read it just as a stories. Both were quite similar in almost every point so I thought it was based on generic idea, and not on personal experience of an authors. I know that both stories are based on the same prompt, but they were similar in other details too, not mentioned in prompt (outdoor cat hit by the car, another cat bought by Tom and not adopted stray) so I thought it was on purpose and doesn't reflect personal views of any of the authors. I'm a fan of both authors and quite often stories of at least one of them doesn't show their personal views and characters aren't based on their personal experience, didn't know it's not the case with this story. I'm sorry for my harsh and rude comments
- Ewa on 11/29/15 06:39 pm
@Ewa, I sent you an email via "contact" on your page, not sure if you've seen it but I'd love if you'd get back to me :)
- Zarlina on 12/02/15 08:58 pm