Feel It All Challenge Begins!
It's finally time: we are posting your FIA Challenge submissions! Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and we hope you'll enjoy the stories!

Stories will be posted anonymously by the THF Challenges account throughout the week. Once every story has been posted, we will open a poll for members to vote in, and the winner will have their story featured! Authors will be revealed after the poll closes.

To read the stories, just look out for this banner, or click here!

- Ghostie on 09/14/15 09:05 am
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soo so so so so excited to read all the entries!!!
- em_rose483 on 09/14/15 03:59 pm
P.S thanks for organising this, I love when THF does stuff like this so much!
- em_rose483 on 09/14/15 04:00 pm
Love this challenge, thank you for organising it!
- Ewa on 09/19/15 06:52 pm
- kireinayorudakara on 09/20/15 04:11 pm
I'm so excited about this! Can you tell us how many entries there are?
- manicMiss on 09/22/15 01:27 pm
Thank you, Em and Ewa! ♥ Also manicMiss we had twenty-odd entries, the last ones will be posted shortly!
- THF Challenges on 09/22/15 01:38 pm