Feel It All Challenge

Members have been asking for this for a long time, and it is finally here: a new challenge from THF! And what better time to start than right in time for the second leg of the Feel It All tour? The theme for this one is simple:

Write a story based around 4 randomly paired phrases. Half of them will be taken from Kings of Suburbia lyrics, and half will be normal everyday items or ideas. For example, you might get a set like this:

hurts like love/into the daylight/blue lake/long wait

We are hoping to inspire writers to write from the themes of the album and transform them into something new. If you would like to enter, please read the details here!

We are so excited to see what you come up with and hope you all are excited too! Stories will start to be posted on September 13th, and voting for the top 3 stories will be held once they are all up. Get to it!

- ghostie on 07/19/15 10:26 am
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eeeeee I'm so excited for this!
- em_rose483 on 07/19/15 11:30 am
me too!!! I mean obviously but I really can't wait to read all the entries! that's the sucky thing about designing the challenge--by the time you've got it all announced you're ready to start reading already! but we've still got a couple months :)
- Ghostie on 07/19/15 11:58 am
Haven't written anything in a long time and this just might be the push I need to start again. :)
- THMom on 07/19/15 03:29 pm
Sounds perfect, glad to hear it!
- Ghostie on 07/19/15 04:47 pm
I can't wait for these entires!!
- Alienc8 on 08/08/15 05:37 pm