THF Milestone!
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Hello Aliens!

Today we've reached an incredible milestone for Tokio Hotel Fiction. As of this morning, we have 50,000 members!

On behalf of the entire staff, I want to thank YOU for being here. Thank you for supporting the site, for sharing your time, energy and creativity! And thank you for continuing to support, in our own crazy way, this amazing group of goofy, incredibly talented men from Germany that we love. May they, and THF, be around for a long, long time to come!

- Steinsgrrl on 03/13/15 08:34 am
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- Haylz on 03/13/15 08:48 am
Hear hear!
- kireinayorudakara on 03/13/15 09:16 am
I laughed way too hard at the party hats when the change happened! Woohoo!
- lalaabanana on 03/13/15 09:42 am
Haha :D :D
Congratulations!!! :)
- Zuzu21 on 03/13/15 12:20 pm
Congratulations!!! Let's continue reading and writing about this fantastic band
- Mizuky on 03/13/15 01:19 pm
- Android in the Closet on 03/13/15 03:27 pm
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :) Thanks THF for being such a big part of the last 7.5 years :)
- wastedgermanyouth on 03/13/15 05:07 pm
This makes me so happy :') I'm so glad to be a part of this amazing community
- Zarlina on 03/13/15 06:10 pm
Incredible! Thank you all so much for keeping the site going; the success is well deserved.
- heleng on 03/13/15 07:13 pm
Oh my gosh CONGRATS! This is such a lovely thing to see :) Thank you all the staff for keeping this wonderful site running smoothly, so very much appreciated!
- em_rose483 on 03/13/15 07:29 pm
Hooray! I knew we were getting close!
- crankytiger on 03/13/15 07:34 pm
I'm so happy that this site is going strong! I've been busy but I know that I will always come back here.
- springnichtbitte on 03/15/15 06:51 am
Congratulations!!! Thanks for keeping it strong and going!
- ura_hd on 03/16/15 10:51 pm
I still love this site and TH as much as I did 5 years ago, when I joined here. Congratulations!
- Ewa on 03/30/15 05:32 am
7 YEARS !!! love you xox
- pinkballoons on 06/08/15 08:07 pm